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Mon, Jan 25, 2021


hey every one

its the start of another shitty year and tough times ahead.

so here is a link to my last special for free. watch and please leave a message on the youtube page. please share to everyone you know who enjoys dark comedy.

Hopefully i can return to touring by fall of 2021.

Also remember I am still selling my Box Set that includes over 50 hrs of material on one USB. Go to merch for deets.

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StoryYelling Review

Wed, Apr 29, 2020


another great review from a site that had been a fan of mine since the beginning

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Wed, Apr 22, 2020


So welcome to the new kind of normal folks.

We are all stuck inside so i thought why not try to take advantage of everyones misery. I have taken the time to update the box set to include everything. Now includes the full video and audio of my newest release Story Yelling. |As well as the split album I did in 2019 with Kenny Robinson called RankNvile.

Go to the whore store for deets. Order a copy through email at

All my dates are on hold and i hope to rebook an east coast Canada tour soon. Go figure my last big tour of my career and boom a pandemic fucks with it. Its almost like I’m cursed.

More news coming when i get time to let you all know. My days are full of homeschooling my 3 boys… so little time for cunt jokes.

Stay safe

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Sun, Mar 1, 2020


In celebration of my 7th official release… a free HD video download with every purchase on itunes.  50 minutes of pure hate goodness you can almost see me have an aneurysm in glorious HD. VALID till March 14th.

Order through Itunes here. Then send an email to me at I will send you a link for you to download the whole special for free.


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March 1st Story Yelling

Thu, Feb 20, 2020


It’s official that the album will come out the beginning of March. Also 2020 I will do a coast to coast tour hitting every province I can in one year. Here is a free taste.

Look for a ton of new uploads from my youtube account. New clips and stories i never thought i would tell on stage.

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Story Yelling Album March 1

Tue, Feb 11, 2020


Its time to release a new solo album. The first since 2013. Its been along time between releases and there are far too many reasons to get into it.

11 new tracks and a few reworked stories are included in this new release. It will be uploaded to all platforms on March 1.

Animation News:

I can also announce that I am doing another season or Ranger Rob and Total DramaRama. It pays the rent kids so when i burn enough bridges in comedy i still can feed my kids. Look for those in 2020 and 2021.

East Vs West:

I am also coming out east and west for a proper tour this year for the first time in a few years. This will all be done old school town to town so if you know a venue and want to help me pull a show off let me know. Check tour dates for more info.

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Story Yelling

Mon, Jan 6, 2020


Kicking off the new year with a new cd recording of stories that I have been bashing around in this melon over the years. Lots of new content that will only be avail on my box set of shit.

Lots of dates coming and lots of new cartoon voices. lookout 2020 time to cunt it up.

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Halfway Through 2019

Sun, Aug 11, 2019


Lots of news to report.


TOTAL DRAMARAMA: Currently recording the second season. This is a big show on the cartoon network in the US and Teletoon here in Canada. I play the role of Harold. Its a pretty funny character

Ranger Rob: Still airing everyday on Treehouse. I play Stomper the Yeti. Watch with your kids then say hey son i used to see stomper say horrible things to people on stage.

Bakugan Battle Planet: I returned to doing some japanimation. After playing Shuji and Shadow Prove, I know play a cute character named Cubbo. He may look cute but he sure doesnt talk nice. Kinda like my standup career. Check It.


Currently touring around with Kenny Robinson celebrating our new old school split audio release Uncomfortable Truths. Over 80 minutes of pure ranknvile. 40 minutes of me and 40 of kenny spewing new filth. Buy it Here

I also am on an upcoming compilation album from 604 records out of Vancouver. Clash of the Comedy Titans will be coming out soon but here is a small bside clip they have released.

more dates and news coming. I know I say this all the time but i am now going to be more vigilant with posting stuff. I am not on the road as much and will have time once school starts.

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Mon, Nov 5, 2018


I know I know

the last few years have been lean on here for content.  Well while you have moved on to other comedians i have been stuck trying to fist fuck me out of this writers block.  Took me to the forearm to unlock the juices and start writing again.   Luckily i put down my joke file of unfinished bits from 1999 and said hey i can still do this cant I.

well duh here it is


Recorded only a few weeks ago on our east coast tour.  This is all brand new stuff for both of us.  Kenny released a comedy album last year and has been kicking at the doors hardcore over the  last 12 months to get to over a half an hour of new topical material.  As recent as the new pot laws in canada and Louis CK returning to comedy.

For me this is the official release since 2013.  Yes i have put out two bootlegs on my comedy box set that has a little of this material but for the most part it is new.  It includes my two longer stories of getting almost jacked off by a dude and my horrible kidney stones.  Hey if you wanted something different from me you are shit out of luck sunshine.  Life sucks and here is me screaming about it for another 40 minutes.

Look for us to tour the new year on the back of this recording.  It will be online within days but you can preorder it with me by emailing me at

See you bitches.  No i mean it this time.  I want to see you

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