Archive | March, 2004

Daddy is a Mascot Again

21. March 2004


Did you really think it would be long before I put some kind of mascot suit on for money. This time I shook my ass for Coke at a new product launch. I cannot say what it is or they would have to kill me. to see the proof. That is James Cunningham as the […]

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Time Warp Trio

16. March 2004


Look for me in a new upcoming cartoon based on the hit children’s books called Time Warp Trio. I play the nerdy kid Sam, one of the three lead roles. The kids travel through time and learn about history in this great new cartoon. Produced by the same company that brought us Dr Katz.

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Milo Short Film

15. March 2004


Once again booked a role in an upcoming short film for the Canada Film Centre. This short is a dramatic piece shot on 35 mm film. It will be shown at a festival in may. I will be going to the screening and I hope to rub shoulders with such canadian stars as the Littlest […]

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The Cat Came Back

2. March 2004


I booked a role in a feature film where I got to dance like a monkey in it. I played a crazy window washer (like there are any other kind). It is being edited as we speak. Look for it to be screened at upcoming film festivals. I will keep you posted.

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