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Shrimp on the Barbie gets to hump My Wallet

25. April 2005


Good morning..evening…midafternoon. I guess it depends on where you are for the time of the day. I am currrently in Australia touring around. One thing is for sure ..this place is expensive. 18.50 for a crappy breakfast. Hey the weather is great so I should not complain about it. What I will complain about is […]

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16. April 2005


So I went down under and so did my act. When you are that far away no one can hear you scream when you bomb. Here are a few pics for those who care. Check out the underwater one it is like I am fighting crime while aquaman got a weekend pass to throw it […]

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Shaftesbury Beer Commercial

5. April 2005


The small production company that I work with did a commercial competition for a western brewery and I will let you know how we do. We had a bunch of people playing zombies and you can see from the pic that there was no need for me to apply makeup. I just stayed up all […]

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