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6. May 2005


Hey there is more bullshit in my blog for those who like to hear me be bitter. I am going to try and keep things more current now that I am back off the road for a few weeks. I am now going to doing the blog thing were the three people who care, who […]

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3. May 2005


If you love show business just too much and you would like to learn more of what is inside the head of a toronto comedian check out this website’s forum. I post there quite a bit and try to stir some shit up. You could always lurk and post a whole bunch of nasty shot […]

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On Air

3. May 2005


My episode of Kojak is currently running on the USA network in the States so if you know anyone with illegal satellite check it out in between episodes of donkey porn. Also Assault on Precinct 13 was issued on DVD this week. Watch as they slash my lines from 6 to one is one quick […]

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Anti-Comedy: Karoke for the deaf

1. May 2005


So here I sit at a place called Daydream island in australia. This is one of the best places in oz. I did my first set on tuesday night on an open mike night and I wish I could lie like those other comics and say that I killed since noone was around to say […]

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