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If you are there, I have to….for me not to, would be doing comedy a disservice

27. June 2005


I do some material that is definitely controversial. Am I proud of it…sure. I’m happy that I’m not stuck doing something I hate, that is why I walked away from the corporate landscape 10 years a go. You can take your ladder and shove it in your ass you corporate monkeys. One thing I am […]

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No Blacks, No Gays, No Irish

26. June 2005


Now before you get your back up, that title is a reference to a great book by Johnny Rotten and for me to explain it’s significance you have to read the book. It also has reference to something I chose to do a long time ago. I never …..ever…ever perform to all one type of […]

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The saddest music in the world

18. June 2005


I am on a roll these last few weeks….. Road Story 2076: Marketing smarketing Winter 2002 I was touring western canada for my last time I said to myself. Nights of crying myself to sleep wondering what is wrong with me. I do this everytime by convincing myself that I will have a good time…it […]

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If my face was little more attractive I might believe the compliments

18. June 2005


There are things on stage you can rant about and make funny but there are some things that you cannot in the context that you would like. Mainly two things for today that bother me in both life and comedy. The first one is that no one will ever say things to your face. If […]

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why do comics not want to get better

15. June 2005


Something has always bothered me about comics and especially younger comics. I get quite an amount of emails from younger comics asking for advice on how to get started or how to get better and I think that other then just doing it this little rant will help: Why do comics not come out and […]

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11. June 2005


Have you ever thought man he is never funny in 45 minutes imagine him trying even harder in 30 seconds? For all you folks out there that can’t get enough of me live… you can now view me in the commercial section 24/7!

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To Blog or not to blog…AKA Did I sell any CD's

3. June 2005


Good day Fuckies Well the last few weeks has been quite a whirlwind when it comes to blogging and toronto comedy. A few guys from the west came through and wrote some negative things about certain comics and paid the price for it. One comic was upset on the amount of time that the other […]

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CBC: All Access

2. June 2005


Look for Little Darren in an episode that airs from July 18-22 at 5:30pm. Darren takes the to the streets as the newest unlikliest tv reporter.

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