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26. August 2005


I am in the final stages of putting my two dvd set out for sale. After much diliberation I decided to pack it with extras even though the quality of picture is not the best. I have chosen one show from ottawa in october that really captured a special night of standup. It is only […]

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this blog is for the few who care

24. August 2005


So the following is due to the fact that one lame comic is trying to use me for everything wrong with his own life. He is one of the despised humans in canada and never takes responsibility for his own fuck ups. I had stopped caring about this but since he continually tries to slam […]

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Comedy Now Rescheduled from Sept 11th to 18th

21. August 2005


There was already enough mourning going on Sept 11th so they moved my Comedy Now special to Sept 18th.

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With every day that passes you fight hard with yourself so you don't hate the young

17. August 2005


Everyone says it It is a young mans game You don’t see anyone on tv that is funny and old. What fucking channel are you watching? Show me one young guy who is funny on tv….what dave chappelle…he has been doing it for a long long time. Just show me one guy who has been […]

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Comedy CD Review

15. August 2005


How would you like another reason to buy my cd… maybe some kind words by way of a review. I never really submitted my cd for review so I thought what the hell and here is what they said. Click Here to Read Review

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Comedy Now on CTV

14. August 2005


Well kids come watch little darren as he spews venom…. in a pc friendly kinda way. It is a year old and I can honestly say I don’t know what material it will include but lets hope I don’t come out this looking lame. If you are collecting at home… the pic below was the […]

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stan the man part deux

3. August 2005


here are some pics from the benefit show that was held for stan Kate Davis, Stan Thompson, Peter Anthony and Stacy Gibbs Ron Josol, Kate Davis, Peter, Kristine Von Hagen, Stacey Manolis, Crazy Russell Peters in the back and I Stan and I there are many more…if anyone wants copies email me bitch

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