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I've been walking the streets at night..just trying to get it right

31. March 2006


It is something we all need to be reminded of from time to time. Just a little patience. Axl was right I know this is the pot calling the kettle but today I witnessed it twice, where I was like I have to slow down and not get so worked up like this guy. Twice […]

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you don't know how good you have it

15. March 2006


After weeks of shitty shows and bullshit excuses on why they were shitty, two things happened recently that really pushes home the point of the title. After a few harsh shows I turned up at an open miker and did a free spot on a new five I am doing. Now I don’t know why […]

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Some Times I Am Not Proud Of What I Do

8. March 2006


So I did another weekend on this Hate To Live Tour and it appears that it might be the omen of my career. This is going to be a long blog so get some coffee and a cookie. Here we go… I need to go over it like a calender of events with a dateline […]

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