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Hammerfight 2006 Part 2

29. April 2006


Alright here we go again So I am currently in windsor at the the club most comics detest performing in. In the last few weeks many great clean friendly comics have turned to the crowd and screamed obsentities at them. Hey are they stealing my act? I am sure if you call them on it […]

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Bunch of Crap

24. April 2006


So now comes some down time and with that comes updates to the website. The main thing that has happened in the last few weeks is a short film I did a 04 has made it way to showcase. A number of comics how come up to me and asked about it cause it is […]

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Hammer Fight 2006 Part 1

15. April 2006


Well here I sit at 3 am on a friday in edmonton rock city. The weekend of shows in vancouver were not the easiest to swallow that is for sure. Luckily the club is run very well and the staff there were pros. Lets do it like a time line Friday 7:30 I am in […]

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I am ok…really

7. April 2006


A few people are taking what I am saying on here a little too literal and although I appreciate the concern..for the record I am not suicidal..even though I may say from stage i am. I am currently in Vancouver hotel room listening to wolfe parade and getting ready for a show for the first […]

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To be or not to be INVISIBLE

5. April 2006


Oh how we all love the internet. The great savior of the world. The pros are amazing Research at a touch of a button…Libraries what the fuck are they Great for getting your INNER GEEK ON…how many episodes of HR fucking way With the pros come the cons. I have never liked head games […]

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