To be or not to be INVISIBLE

Wed, Apr 5, 2006


Oh how we all love the internet. The great savior of the world.

The pros are amazing

Research at a touch of a button…Libraries what the fuck are they

Great for getting your INNER GEEK ON…how many episodes of HR fucking way

With the pros come the cons.

I have never liked head games or bullshit..don’t like them in my women and I don’t like them in my business. Now in some forms of business it is required and I understand that when it comes to intellectual property etc but when it comes to show business this ain’t rocket science it is called opinion.

One problem is that you can bitch slap anonymously. I let people know what i stand for and that has gotten me into trouble in the past and so be it cause people know where they stand with me. I don’t need anymore bullshit..this business has enough by telling me what is funny.

Most forms of this come on either blogs or message boards where people say other comics suck etc. Wow you really got us there with that suck line. It can grow and become really detrimental to why these forums were created for. You have to yell from a crowd and then duck down…must suck not to be able to walk tall.

It must be hard to have to bite your tongue all the time and not be able to say what you really feel with your name attached. I guess in that moment at night when you are almost asleep you have to swallow a little pride and say hey at least I am making a living.

To me saying things in riddles or posting things anonymously is just childish. Your inner manchild is getting the best of you. You need that moment where you can run around the back of school with your best friend and go

“Tee hee we got him didn’t we…tee hee”

and then realize you got so excited you peed yourself.

The problem is when that inner child grows up and sees that he has nothing to show for his years of singing Tee Hee what will he do.

People don’t like to hear when they are wrong and will go to any means necessary to hide the facts. We all have done this but some more then others.

When it is enough and just say ok it is enough?

The real problem is that it is hard to disassociate person from act. So when you want to say something really honest but may hurt someone you feel it may affect your career so if I do it anonymously then same effect. Really what you are doing is assisting those who don’t want people to think openly and freely.

Say what is on your mind and if you do it from a place without malice I think your point could be valid.

I know what you are is the view from the soapbox Darren..oh you are so good cause you are not afraid of the big bad show biz wolf.

I just know that when I finish I just want to be known for one thing and that is no bullshit and a sense of honour to what I believe in. Yeah they will say he went to far…yeah he was ok funny..but they will never say he never walked it like he talked it.

For some reason that is more important to me. I guess after almost 15 years in…funny is so objective it can’t be a goal to reach. I was funnier years ago if you use the normal measures. Nothing happened…blew guys of the stage and nothing happened. At a certain point you say to yourself how do I want this to go if funny is not the end all be all. Maybe I am just self justifying..maybe I am near the end……

This blog has been a place where I have placed blame on people and myself cause lord knows I am wrong from time to time but at least people will know me from my mistakes and failures.

I don’t have anything to hide but do you?

I know you do

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    You sound a little depressed lately? Are you actually thinking of retiring?

    P.S. I hope the irony of this anonymous post isn’t lost on you!

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