Archive | May, 2006

A leader among whom?

17. May 2006


I have never wanted to be a leader. Never saw the benefit to it. I would rather be the guy who just does what he wants, and doesn’t have to live up to anything. I never wanted to be a follower either. I have followed in the past but that was due to the fact […]

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A month off

13. May 2006


It is time to relax and try and smooth out the rough edges of my mind. Time to get a mental wash of the gutterall ass juice that has been running though my mind. Rarely am I happy about that much time off but I have been on the road a lot for the first […]

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Rocky Mountain Comedy Fest May 31-June 3

12. May 2006


Come one come all and see if your body can handle the hate at a higher altitude. For three days I will be absorbing the beauty of the area by day and screaming at the peeps at night. Click here for more info.

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Let The Music Do the Talking

6. May 2006


If only that was true, things would be so much easier. For over ten years I had to just keep saying that over and over cause I truly believe it. That is why I don’t use credits before I go on. I am either funny or not. I tried and tried to keep that as […]

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Hammerfight 2006 Part 3

6. May 2006


So the end of the weekend in windsor was like the start. The first show saturday night I actually went short for the first time in my career. I only did 35 minutes cause they were doing nothing about the crowd. At the end there was a large group of guys taking control of the […]

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