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Vancouver Podcast 60 Minutes

28. July 2006


Go here and check out a frank hour discussion on the serious side of comedy. Also download other great episodes from many funny comics. If you ever wanted to know the underside of comedy this is a great way to kill an hour on a plane or car ride.

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It's just a handshake darren

19. July 2006


Some call me an elitist. Others just think I am a drama queen.I am both my friends. Let me explain, last week I was headlining a club and the middle act was getting heckled by this guy in the audience. It went back and forth for far too long but eventually the comic was able […]

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Toronto Podcast 15 Minutes

15. July 2006


Go here and check out a local podcast where I bitch about toronto comedy and name names.

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14. July 2006


When I did my first ever standup show in a comedy club it was in kitchener ontario. For years I studied comedy and even made comedy trees for certain type acts and their careers. Much like they do for bands I did them for comics. I knew the politcal comics, the one liners, the prop […]

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