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Somebody's Going To Die Tonight

17. December 2006


this past weekend a funny comic named peter anthony received death threats from a heckler. read about it here: in the last week pauly shore that mongoloid fuck put up a video of him getting punched and tried to get publicity from a setup. the problem is that this thing happens more then you […]

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Nasty Tour January 07

10. December 2006


Four Towns where I get to spread the hate on my new tour called “Losing the Will to Live Tour”. Kingston, Ottawa, London, and Ajax will be home to my sick twisted mind. Get your torches ready cause people are going to be upset.

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Fuck December

10. December 2006

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So this is the month that I have to play nice at all the clubs. They book me and ask me to be happy Darren. People think that because it is the xmas season people are a little more testy to dirty comedy I guess. I often wonder if this is the only profession that […]

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