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Here We Go Again Again

24. March 2007


To everyone who will be emailing and asking why are you not in my town this summer…when are you coming to (insert lame town here). Move or accept this reason: After three days in hospital..and over two hours of pushing we welcome Austin James Frost March 23 6:45 pm 7lbs 2 oz’s He is currently […]

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Mittens for Inmates

15. March 2007


Spielberg is running a reality show contest and a video I did a few years ago is uploaded and you can watch it here.

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The Gesundheit Project

12. March 2007


A short film which I filmed a few weeks ago with a great funny comic named Fraser Young. It is available on my myspace account or you can go here. It was listed as one of youtubes videos of the day and over 18000 views over the last few days.

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Spam This Cunt For the Kids

8. March 2007


The world works in strange ways a week after I post my little rant on organized religion I start to get into a war with a follower PART ONE: I posted a video on anna nicole smith here Then a person named catholic journey wrote this as a response to the video “You are […]

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