93 Problems and the Bitch Ain't One

Sun, Apr 29, 2007


People say

“ hard can comedy be..I mean really?”

Last night I had a show in peterborough ontario at a weekly comedy show where I was to headline and do 45-60 minutes. Now for most of you that have seen me you know that is not a lot of time for me to cover. Pretty much a normal night right?

Well almost. That is if the other comic shows up. Yes there was supposed to be another comic on the show and he was to do 30 minutes as well. The show is 90 in total.

The comic never showed up. I had to do the whole show on my own. I actually clocked out at 93 minutes with tons of material to spare.

No one person should be doing that kind of time ever. Yes dave chappelle just did 6 hrs in a comedy club but

1) He is dave chappelle and the audience would listen to him fart for 2 hrs. Not knocking him but just the star factor that lots of gordies love.

2) He was in a comedy club where there are great lights..great sound and a built in audience.

This was not the case for my show. This was a bar crowd and that is quite different then a comedy club crowd. No door staff…no control over the crowd in general like a comedy club. This is the kind of show where if the opener goes long you are in a good mood. Not knocking the joint but that is the way these shows are.

The most I ever did before this was 75 minutes in halifax three months ago and that sounded like an eternity.

How did I do…to be honest I did very well. I started the show by warning them that if I have to do the whole 90 minutes I cannot happy dance all the way through so

“Get ready for a lot of Fucks and rape jokes” Big laugh

After the show I sold more dvds then I normally do and the crowd appreciated that I gave more then anyone had ever did for them in the past.

Even then there were problems. There was a group of early 20’s that yelled throughout….clipping punchlines…fucking up jokes etc. Whenever the joke was about cock they loved it but any time it went above the belt BOOZEVILLE. At one point at the 75 minute mark one of them yelled out

“You suck”

so of course I had to say back

“You think that after 15 yrs of standup that is going to hurt me…do you…to me that is like saying ring ring recess is over. Now if you have something to say to me other then that then say it…. otherwise shut the fuck up cunt”

cricket cricket

“That is what i thought..See I could have left 30 minutes ago and I still get my pay but you have the nerve to heckle me after I am giving you fucks extra. Normally I would say evil shit but I like most of you fucks and I am going to do the whole 90 minutes and not one minute less. Now if you don’t mind we are going to act like that never FUCKING happened.”

Cue audience cheer…..Look at me ma I am king gordy

I know I know I swear too much. I am working on it

Now if I could only learn to fart the song “dust in the wind” I could have been a contender.

This martyr cross is getting heavier and heavier my wife says

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  1. keebler the elf Says:

    “ring ring recess is over”

    = rotflmao

    good one D :)

  2. Jen & Gary Says:

    …so you’re back on tour???

    Dance Monkey Dance!! :)

    Hope the new baby is doing well!

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