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To Dick Or Not To Dick…Still Dick

29. May 2007


So this week I went and watched the musical the Evil Dead in downtown toronto to celebrate my anniversary of my marriage with my wife. That in itself deserves its own blog on choosing that show to celebrate my anniversary but I digress. The one thing you notice right away when you are a dick […]

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You Tube: GutterBall Alley

25. May 2007


For those that were too young or too old for reworked wacking off jokes can go to these links. Some sold their soul for rock and roll…I sold it for catered chicken lunches. World Vision Commercial: Warning…nothing else to say cause you know when I have to warn it is bad enough C rouching […]

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Brand New Interview

24. May 2007


I recently was asked to answer some questions for a hometown website. Eventually every one goes home… I just choose to do it in the carcus of a dead racoon. Go here to read the interview.

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New YouTube Video

23. May 2007


On the eight day god created youtube and it was good. Here is an interview I did for a guy who is self producing a cd that will be coming out in the next few months. It is nine minutes you will never get back so don’t bitch at me about it. Go here to […]

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Burger Burger Burger

15. May 2007


Watch your tv in the next week to see a commercial I shot for charity were I had to eat more then 20 burgers in two hours. The spit bucket looked like closing time at taco bell. I wil post it on the site when I get it.

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