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30. August 2007


Yesterday morning an icon of canadian comedy died. Montreal’s Ernie Butler passed away after a month of being diagnosed with stomach cancer. He was 58 If you have read my blog you already know my love/hate affair with the city of montreal. The one thing I have always had for the game is respect for […]

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They say you better listen to the voice of reason

30. August 2007


hello ottawa another town and another interview this one is one where they email you a list of questions and they post your full answers I’ve seen a million faces and I’ve mentally raped them all

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Ottawa Xpress Lafflines: Bracing for the FrostBite

28. August 2007


A golden rule of self-promotion: Show ’em you’re great. In my experience, few comedians mention those nights when the audience hated them, never mind pass out the tapes to prove it. But Canadian comedian Darren Frost usually doesn’t do what you’d expect. “If I was just sucking and the material wasn’t coming out of my […]

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23. August 2007


I love you

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20. August 2007


here are two links to two short interview clips from an interview I did on thievery in the biz…nothing groudbreaking if you have heard me or anyone on the topic but they asked and I told them here is the whole interview that is about an hour long man I said some […]

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Warning Material Might be Offensive

14. August 2007


So I did a set tonight and downloaded it to the web for your consumption it is the edgiest topic I have discussed yet hope you enjoy there are two new ones babyblack and gay I love you …not them but you

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More Videos

6. August 2007


so there are even more videos on my you tube account I just put up another 15-20 minutes of stuff most of it is the older stuff that I did for my watered down tv special which they never air for some reason it is more watered down then drinks served at jim jones funeral […]

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