Day Two

Fri, Nov 2, 2007


Drumrole please

SO I placed even lower on a set that I thought I did better on

It didn’t help that the second night in a row I was introduced as a canadian when I was told that no one would get any kind of intro

See intro’s should be the same for everyone in a competition cause that would bias a crowd on how they are perceived. There is a deaf comic on the show and I understand saying something for him so it puts the corwd at ease if Stephen wants it that way but that should be it.

I have lost 2 grand doing this week so I expect this shit to be taken care of and I am not happy about it. That is why i partly freaked out during my second appearance…I had to say something off the top.

Now due to mathematics I cannot be in the top five unless I use my drop score and kill the rest of the shows.

Also on the first show there was a judge who hated me …I mean hated me and gave me the second lowest score and that score was really fucking low. So that pulled my average way down and explained why I placed so low last night.

I did not deserve 11th but that is the way competitions work and judging in general. I accept that cause I knew the deal going in. I also know that there is a section of people who will not dig what I do and so be it but when the number is that far out of wack that seems like they need to do something about that in the future.

The great thing is I opened with a new line that worked so at least not all is fucked.

The next three shows are now for me to do whatever I want and maybe then I will place higher but I doubt it

In the end all I have left is a great family and three fans and that is three fans more then anyone should complain about.

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