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fuck the young

20. December 2007


14 Want to be a <a href="“>x-ray technician?

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Cunt Cunt Cunt

15. December 2007


I know I know Cunting through the snow in a one horse cunt and sleigh..over the hills we go cunting all the way CUNT CUNT CUNT I am sorry in advance but I had to say it. It has been a month of monkey dancing at xmas parties. It becomes harder each day to stand […]

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Chasing The Dragon

6. December 2007


So here I am just trying to get my shit together materiaL wise I have few new themes that I want to hammer out for my new dvd recording in feb. It is hard to try and get five to eight minutes on a subject that is funny and says something. I have never been […]

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Fucktard Nation

5. December 2007


Ok …so I always get tons of emails from fans telling me their own version of what they saw during the show. Here is your chance to help out with my next dvd. I am going to be doing a short that will be a bonus feature on my next dvd of just people’s reactions […]

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