Archive | March, 2008

Fear and Self Loathing in Wisconsin

20. March 2008


Here I sit in a small town american town that still has a Kmart. Do you remember them? I had to walk through it and try to remember the smell of one. Still smells like a small town sears store. When it comes to standup, there are reasons I cannot go on the road for […]

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Teen Angst

14. March 2008


So a gay teenager was killed in america recently because he sent a straight boy a valentine. Stories like this always intrique me Seems the straight boy was embarressed and felt he had to do this to set things straight. Get it “straight” wah wah Come on now people, think about this. Are we living […]

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Praise Your Jesus For Clean Comedy

1. March 2008


From time to time I go visit other comics websites and read their thoughts. Just like me they like to self justify. There is this new wave of talk in comedy about clean comedy. How it is harder and how bedroom talk is just for that …in the bedroom. I still get emails from time […]

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