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24. September 2008


Click on an article to see a legible version: “When he spouts off, you laugh” by Joel Rubinoff (The Record) “A bitter Frost” by Andres Frost (Eye Magazine) “Letting it all hang out at After Hours” by Cassandra Simons (Niagra News) “Like a winerdog lying in wait” by Shane MacDougall (Eye Performance) “Young comic having […]

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Dose: Tribes Of the 21st Century

3. September 2008


  Stand-up comedians don’t get a lot of respect. After all, anyone can tell a joke, right? Not according to a new documentary series, which depicts these men and women as tribal warriors, fighting for respect in the face of constant rejection.  “It’s not just ‘knock, knock, who’s there?'” says Darren Frost, a 16-year stand-up […]

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