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You can tear a building down but you can't erase a memory

28. November 2008


So most of you now have probably read an article or two about the beheading clip and have made up your own mind on how you feel about me doing this material. There are a few things I do want to talk about, mainly how the article got a few things wrong. First and foremost […]

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Official Statement

27. November 2008

9 Comments In the next 24 hrs, the Edmonton Sun will be doing an article on the material that I performed on the biggest news piece of the year. The material is about the winnipeg greyhound beheading that was posted on youtube and is also very controversial. It came to my attention on tuesday at 4pm […]

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Slamalang a ding dong

12. November 2008


Sometime you get slammed in the paper and sometimes you get something is kinda like a good quote but you can’t tell. Anyone who reads this blog knows that at the 2005 Just For Laughs I got slammed over and over again by the reviewers. Now if you read my posts some of the criticism […]

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12. November 2008


So I recently did a weekend in vancouver and the kind folks at came out and pro shot all five shows. I like to tape all shows so if there is a problem or complaints then they canbe addressed. So this weekend check out the site for a huge amount of new stuff and […]

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