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Wed, Nov 12, 2008


Sometime you get slammed in the paper and sometimes you get something is kinda like a good quote but you can’t tell.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that at the 2005 Just For Laughs I got slammed over and over again by the reviewers. Now if you read my posts some of the criticism I took cause if you think I yell too much I cannot argue with that. That is what I do but no one ever says that about the other yelly comics do they.

I also take into consideration that if those reviewers liked hacks then how much weight can I really put to their own words. I am sorry but if they praise Hackman then by slamming me they are actually praising me.

See it is easy to take a quote and make it look good for people’s press releases. You just start it mid sentence or stop halfway through so a backhanded hacking looks like you are a genius.

I just found this online from my dates in montreal posted in the daily paper.

“Darren Frost doesn’t take a back seat to anyone on the Canadian eccentric comic front.”

Bill Brownstein Montreal Gazette June 08

Now I don’t know if that quote is a good thing but I also cannot dispute that statement. For a long time I thought the music should do the talking but for years I saw very funny comics not get ahead.

So about three years ago I started having the attitude to not take a back seat to anyone in comedy. By having this attitude it looks like I am full of myself but in actuality I am just saying I am funny. Sure i get hit from all sides on this blog about my hollier then though attitude but if you read my words I am never wrong from my perspective. I just won’t take a back seat.

So for once i would like to say that quote is perfect.

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