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Thu, Nov 27, 2008


In the next 24 hrs, the Edmonton Sun will be doing an article on the material that I performed on the biggest news piece of the year. The material is about the winnipeg greyhound beheading that was posted on youtube and is also very controversial.

It came to my attention on tuesday at 4pm that people close to the victim were upset with the comedy piece. To be fair they would never call it a comedy piece they would call it more like garbage..evil..etc.

The edmonton sun contacted me through the website and asked for my side of the story and it is simple:

As a person first, I was horrified with what happened and then wrote material about an event like I do all other big news stories. Of course I felt bad for the family and friends of the victim and that is why I made sure whatever I put on the web in no way makes fun of the victim. It was more the events and hypocricy of the media covering such events.

During one part of the joke I say that all the people on the bus should get some money from Greyhound for what they went through. If I side with those people how could I not side with the victim? The first time I did the piece it was longer and there was one line that people misinterpreted. Half the people understood what I was going for and half felt it was making fun of the victim so I dropped that part.

In no way do I want to make fun of the victim.

If I was the evil horrible heartless person why would I alter the joke.

All my jokes are thought about very carefully and I try to look at it from every point of view cause of the ability for drunk people to not understand what I am trying to say.

The second half of the bit dealt with how certain members of society will dictate what they think is funny and what is not. This is all shown in detail on my blog.

My comedy is and will always be about finding ways to be a social critic and that can sometimes produce results that upset people. Comics throughout time have made jokes about tragedies. Whether it is Hurricanes, the Holocost, 9/11 etc. Comedians do these jokes to make light of dark situations or to release through laughter people’s built up emotions. Most standup comedy is comprised of either two basic principles…tragedy plus time and that at the end of all jokes someone gets hurt.

All my live engagements come with strong content warnings for a reason. I am the one who enforces it at the club level that have not diplayed them. This exact bit has been done to thousands of people that produces applause more often then not. People in the audience are not cheering the death of the victim but the reasons I outlined above.

The only people I sympathise thru this whole ordeal is the family and close friends of the victim. If you truly think the same way then you have the right too but at least you have heard my side of the story.

My comedy is not for everyone and never will be. Before you rush to judge take a long look at yourself. Make sure you can say you have never told a joke at the expense of someone else, or made light of a dark situation with humour before you call me evil.

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