You can tear a building down but you can't erase a memory

Fri, Nov 28, 2008


So most of you now have probably read an article or two about the beheading clip and have made up your own mind on how you feel about me doing this material.

There are a few things I do want to talk about, mainly how the article got a few things wrong.

First and foremost as I said in the interview I took down the video cause the family was upset not due to any angry backlash. I have had angry backlash before and will have it again, it goes with the territory.

Secondly I do not perform a skit ..I do standup comedy and they are called bits.

Thirdly I do not like how they are changing the article once it went out on the wire

here is the first link

please read the end where it I say sorry

now read this version edited for space

Do you see how the end is just me for two sentences and mentions nothing about my apology cause that does not sell newspapers.

Fourth, the lawyer in the article representing the family called the video evil or almost evil. To me having a lawyer calling anything evil is like Stephen Hawking calling Evander Hollyfied disabled.

Yes that is right I am evil. Many people know that all day long I take care of my kids and am evil at the same time. Get up kids come come we have people to destroy. Even this week my children had mouth herpes (don’t fucking ask) but I was like suck it up kids we have skulls to crush cause DADDY IS EVVVIIIIIILLLLLL.

When the lawyer gets to hell he won’t have a seat at my table, cause that table is full. My table has Hitler as the waterboy while Molosovich gives me a pedicure. Osama is sitting translating the koran into english. Stalin is playing checkers with Bush. Nice move Joseph…..

I think you get where I am going with that.

And last but not least I love the musician they quote does not believe in freedom of expression and calls it “beyond entertainment”. Go listen to his song on his myspace. It uses sick and twisted imagery as I did but that is ok beuse it is in a song form.

Now on to the emails and questions. The main one is: will I repost the video on you tube. The only way that i am going to put the clip back on the net is to defend myself. I do not want to do that cause it will upset the family but if the press continues to one side the issue I will have to.

I still believe in the bit 100 per cent. Before I put it into my headline set I consider all the angles like I do with all my material and I know what my intent is and I know it is right.

I will continue to do the bit live and let each audience decide if they like it or not. In the three months I have been doing the bit, it is the one that fellow comics have commented on. It is the one bit people have asked and said positives things about. The only time it doesn’t work is on late shows if the crowd is too drunk to hear all the words which this bit requires.

People have the right to not like it. Hey there is tons of comedy I don’t like but they have the right to do it. They just don’t get my 15 bucks at the door.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s like the financial markets – if ppl would just take ‘emotion’ out of the situation and listen, they’d understand where you’re coming from. unfortunately, some folks let the emotions get the best of them, rendering their ability to rationalize, dead.

    hang in there D.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    How dare you…making a video about a crime and trying to benefit from it. Fameless comedian – give it up!

  3. hans Says:

    I used youtube code to post your videos on my site, as I just found your comedy today. I love your style, and I get your humor.
    I’m sad that I didn’t get to hear the set about the greyhound incident. I hope you get to put it back up soon.

    owner of some shytty site you’ll never visit anyways.

  4. darren frost Says:

    dear anonymous

    please send the same note to all the comedians that do the same thing night after night on television

    if you think I am the first comedian to do comedy based on world events or crimes of this magnitude then you need to get out to either comedy clubs or poetry readings

    who said i got into this for fame

    you assume too much just like you assume without seeing the video in question and judge me

    good luck

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Good Luck for you…because of people like you, I’m so very proud of not being a Canadian (neither American)!!!
    You characterize Tims death as a world event!?! Have you ever been out of your own country?!? Besides USA…
    So you think that anyone would ever make such a video about what -just- happened in India???

  6. Anonymous Says:

    “who said i got into this for fame”

    Now I understand…you were doing this for being in the doghouse! Very clever of you!!! 8-)

  7. darren frost Says:

    ok before you place your words out there you should do your own research just like I do

    the beheading was covered outside of north america of course not to the same degree as what happened in india but it was written about

    yeah yeah I am a bad man who never travelled outside of north america

    I guess I was doing missionary work when I went to

    Japan, England, Scotland, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Australia, Germany, Greece, Costa Rica, France, Spain, and other places i cannot remember cause i try not to wear where i go like a badge of honor so i can comment on things

    and many comics do not get into comedy for the fame they do it cause they have to and feel it is what they are born to do

    and although i think credits are for cunts cause they don’t make you any funnier I have had my share of success..more then most in this country

    good luck being proud of where you are from

    I wonder if you have even seen the clip in question..imagine judging before seeing the clip …wonder what hationality or religion you are

  8. Anonymous Says:

    First of all…I`m not proud of being a citizen of my country. Far from it! You should read more careful.
    And maybe more surprisingly, I am atheist.

    By the way – Holland is just a part of the Netherlands – just because you were counting countries.

    And lately, Tims matter was surely not spread all over “the world”…

    After all, I`m just wondering what made you do this? What was your intention?

  9. darren frost Says:

    i do not need to read more clearly you simply said you are proud of not being canadian or american so it is safe to assume you must be proud of where you are from since you are using such judgemental words

    “tims matter was surely not spread all over the ‘world’”

    seems to me you are assuming by the wording of that statement..the beheading was covered outside of north america as I know of many people in the uk that did hear about this event.

    I never said that it got all the way to the netherlands ..i simply said that comics do material on events that are of this magnitude or are world events

    read my blog and I have answered what my intention is and will continue to be

    maybe you should read more carefully before you ask questions that have been answered

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Interesting what you call “the world”.

    I never said that you said “it got all the way to the Netherlands”. I was just telling you, that Holland is not a country – it is just a part of a country called “Netherlands”.

    Why sould I read your blog? I’m not really interested in your scribbling.

    I wish that people like you would just think a little bit more before they act.
    Nevertheless – have a merry christmas and a happy new year!

    So long!

  11. darren frost Says:

    i know holland is part of the netherlands so we can out that to bed

    why should you read my blog cause you are here asking questions so you must be interested

    I love the old arguement: what do I care what you think but please answer my questions and justify yourself to an anonymous elf

    I wish people would read before they act

    and save the passive agressive merry xmas

    fuck your christmas

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Why should I even care?!? You didn’t either!?!
    Congrats for what you are – the biggest “placeholder for any word you might wanna use” in the world! Guess which word I’d choose… ;-)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    PS: Why do you think that this sounds "passive agressive"?
    -> Nevertheless – have a merry christmas and a happy new year!
    After all it's not that rude as your words.

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