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Here we are. The stuff I can only show on the web cause everyone is either scared of what I do… or scared of what I think I can do. I hope you enjoy it. Most websites cannot afford to have video… I can’t afford not too. Warning some videos for mature audiences only. And yes if you have enough money I will do anything.





Let’s face it ..I am an internet whore


The Headstones Collection

Come On    
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Electronic Press Kit
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A few years ago I was friends with MikeBullard and I was hanging out there when his show first started. One episode the Headstones were guests doing panel. After the show Mike said that the Headstones had recognized me and were fans of my comedy. So taking Mike’s advice I went up to Hugh and Trent at the bar to tell them I thought they were funny on the show. Hugh just turned to me and said blankly “thanks” and went back to his chat with Trent. Now I laughed out loud cause I thought Mike was fucking with me and that they did not know who I was and I am a big ass.The next week I ran into Mike and commented on how he screwed me. He then said that he was being honest and that they must not have recognized me with my hat and coat on. So
I went to their web page and emailed the band and found out that they actually are very big standup comedy fans.

A few months later I was contacted to help do an electronic press kit for their greatest hits album. When I arrived to discuss what they wanted to do, I met a fine fellow named Mark Ricconelli. From that moment myself Mark and a business
partner of mine Scott Rondeau formed a three man crew and did the three projects. Come On/Blowtorch/EPK.

The first video Come On was pretty successful in terms of how funny it turned out. Everyone we showed it to loved it, and thought it was one of the best videos they had seen in a while. On a budget of only 200 dollars I was quite proud of the work that we all did. Unfortunately, Muchmusic felt other wise and contuned to play more corporate rock and Britney videos. Hey they know what sells orange juice not I.

From that one shoot we edited together the other two videos. The Electronic Press Kit which bands use to publicize a new album, is really just a longer version of come on. The video for Blowtorch is another story. When we were hired
to do the video for Reframed, a video for Blowtorch appeared on the web as a bootleg. Now only three people owned the footage of that video and I was one. My business partner was the other and the director of Come On Marc was the third. There was no way that Marc did this and for sure my good old buddy Scotty would not do this.

So I started to become furious at the thought that someone did something with this footage without my knowledge. I had to download it from the web of some nice kid in Edmonton

and look at it myself. That was the first time I saw the video. When we did Come On, we were not sure what song the single was going to be. So we had to film me singing the lyrics to both Come On and Blowtorch. The footage of me fucking up the words to Blowtorch was the bootleg video. My buddy Scotty leaked it to the Internet and did not tell me so it would be an official bootleg. The moral of the story is don’t trust anyone. I hope you enjoy the three
videos that were made for 200 dollars. Click
here for more pictures.

After the dust had settle from the facts that Come On received little airplay, we said hey lets do another cheap video. So I came up with an idea, that I thought fit with the image of the band and our budget. The Headstones were playing a local club date to release their newest cd Oracle of HiFi. So I came out with the idea of Grand Theft Video. Four guys with cameras run in, tape just that song and run out, all in real time. No fudging with the camera’s…no editing out bloopers…whatever happened happens. That is how we came to the first version that is currently on the Headstones web page. I think that it captures what the band is about and the feeling of being there.

The version that is posted here is the newer by a week version. We sat down and said that the video needed an extra push so we jazzed it up a little bit with video tricks and editing. It still has the same idea just makes it a little more MTV.

Other then fans trading this amongst each other I believe that this video never received one airplay on traditional tv. Oh well fuckem…that is why I started my own web page ten years ago. If they won’t show it I will. I hope you enjoy my display of the big middle finger to the show business world.


Comedy Shorts

Beer Girl    
(click on picture to play video)    
  A few years ago one of my business partnerswas approached to bid for a series of short comedy bits for a website On the site they had a lot of hot woman with beers doing photo shoots so we thought instead of doing a proposal lets do a mock video to show what wethink is funny. That is how we arrive at Beer Girl. Click here for more pictures. I have done this crack whore character for a few years and we thought that Samantha would

perfect. So this is her photo shoot. Warning: Not for everyone… especially younger folks.

The side note to this video is not only did they enjoy this video but they posted it with the other hot girl videos. Each guy get to rate how hot that girl was. Out of 55 women I was voted seventh hottest overall. I would hate to be
number 8. Based on this video we won the contract and we did a series of shorts for them.

The second video that I did was called beer fairy and is quite self explanatory. What do you do with your empties? Click here for more pictures.

Beer Fairy  
(click on picture to play video)  
Freak in a Box    
(click on pic for video)    
  My first big tv break was being profiledon a show called on the arts where I was followed around for a night as I competed in a comedy competiton. The thing about comedy competitions is that after your first one younever do one again. Anyways the guy who was the producer of my segment contacted me do help with a new project.

In the late nineties lots of web pages started up thinking they would replace tv for comedy content and although they tried hard very few where successful. It takes a lot of money to keep these pages going. This is where freak in
a box comes in. We had a few short meetings and decided to have a character that is an elevator operator with problems. We shot two videos and this is the first. I hope you enjoy it. I would love to get my hands on the second one since
it was alittle more gruesome. I will keep trying. Click here for more pictures.

The Leather Chef    
  Welcome to the world of leatherand food. I must admit I had nothing to do with the conception of the character the leather chef but I wish I did. A great director started a web page called and has had content on there for a few years. They contactedme to do the leather chef. It is the first S&M cooking show. There are five episodes currently posted at and has it’s own fan site at Most of the jokes and dialogue was improvised and has a certain

style on purpose. It is not over the top in the joke department cause we want the feeling of “is this real or just a joke” now you know it is a joke but most don’t go there from my site. Click
here for more pictures.

here to view the 5 Leather Chef videos on the

Old Lady    
  This is a video that is a little hard tosee on the web but I still think it works and has to be here. I did some shows out on a western tour and I was in a small town near the coast. I did a show where the crowd loved how angry I got except for one woman. After the showshe approached me and called me the devils child. I asked if she would say it on camera and she said yes. For thirty five minutes she tried to tell me why I am not funny in any sense. I cut it down to 9 minutes and bingo a short classic is created. Many comics love it because it is kinda

symbolic to what we have to play to on the road. It ain’tall standing ovations and free beer… sometimes you wish you were a hand model.

Due to the size of the file if you would like to see it, please email Darren and he can send it to you.

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