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I died a little inside tonight

22. March 2009


Oh what a night There are some many reasons I cannot return to the hammer known as Hamilton. One of the towns I started in so many years ago. So many shows just freaking out cause crowds cannot handle their drinks. You know i beleive that you only have so many shows inside you and […]

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Newfoundland Comedy Festival Confirmation

20. March 2009


to all the people who emailed me after seeing me at the club I can now say that I will be returning to the rock JUNE 11-15 Newfoundland Comedy Festival will keep you posted but there will be a dirty show I am told and I am on it

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Darren Frost to appear on Studio 7 Hundred stage

9. March 2009


http:// One of Canada’s best known and controversial comics Darren Frost will stop in Moncton Wednesday for a one-night show at Studio 7 Hundred. A Toronto Star reviewer described Frost’s style of comedy as having the quality of a satanic revival meeting with Frost “among the most daring comedians in Canada.” A 2007 Echo Weekly […]

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Get 'Frosted' at Studio 7 Hundred

6. March 2009


Published Thursday March 5th, 2009 Comedian Darren Frost brings X-rated material to town.By Hanne Armstrong He’s worked alongside John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Walken in Hairspray. With Ethan Hawke in Assault On Precinct 13, and Michael Douglas in Don’t Say a Word. He’s the Listerine super-hero of commercial fame, and his voice speaks through […]

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2 newfies walk into a bar….Put the lettuce on my sub

4. March 2009


Thought you might like to see what anger looks like on the eastern tip of the country So I am currently sitting in a hotel room doing work in newfoundland in between weeks at a new comedy club.

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