Please Give Me A Little Credit

Sat, Apr 18, 2009


You know what i love to see, comics that need great intros before they come to the stage.

Now there is a difference between someone who just says “if you want to mention something you can say blah blah blah” and someone who needs an intro filled with credits to impress the audience.

I dont need people to know I did such and such to make me funnier. You are either funny or not and it wont matter that you were the mascot whore in a commercial trust me.

I also undertsand that comics work hard for what they get but to me it screams a bit of desperation when a comic says to me when I host “make sure you say blankety blank…or i did the gala at the moose jaw international comedy festival”.

Now I only mean this in a comedy club..when you are playing a small town and it’s their big show for their year…I understand the importance of making the crowd get excited. I still dont generally use credits at these gigs either before i go on. If they have them listed somewhere in a program or ad fine.

It is funny how there are so many tricks of the game and they are just that tricks.

Drugs..booze ..credits..cheerleading are all just crutches.

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