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Tue, Oct 27, 2009

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here is what people have said so far about my so called comedy:

Darren Frost has advertised himself as little man hate and audiences attracted to the man will not be disappointed.  Considered the most controversial comic in the country for his ability to find a touchy issue and pick at it till it bleeds.  Darren leads the field as the victim of audience assaults death threats and other UnCanadian behaviors.  His bullet headed mug rarely smiles on stage as his voice keens from soothing to enraged and back again. If the audience didn’t laugh it would be unwatchable performance art but the man is a consummate pro and audience explode in laughter at a comedian who may represent our troubled age better then anyone.  There’s the edge..and then there’s further..and then there is Darren Frost

Mark Breslin Yuk Yuks Guide to Canadian Standup Comedy 2009

Frost certainly inhabits the spirit of Lenny Bruce. Their styles are nowhere near similar, but Frost, like Bruce, likes to take the audience to places that they maybe don’t want to visit

What’s So Funny October 08

Darren Frost doesn’t take a back seat to anyone on the Canadian eccentric comic front

Bill Brownstein Montreal Gazette 2008

Frost is brilliant, but careful with his words.  His humour is unabashed and rude at times, but the man is not simply sprouting obscenities to get a rise out of the audience.  The jokes are calculated, political and meaningful

Echo Weekly 2007

Following Darren Frost is like trying to do a puppet show in central park, five munites after tower one fell

Mark Walker, Standup Comedian 2006

Darren’s entry DVD was jawdropping…both because it was damn funny…but also because it took no prisoners, it killed countless sacred cows…and most of all, it didn’t give a damn what you thought of it. 2005

Imagine booking Rage Against The Machine for a sweet sixteen party.  Imagine booking Al Sharpton for a Knights of Columbus dinner in Nebraska.   Now Imagine booking Darren Frost to do a country club banquet room 2005

With a kind of demented energy normally reserved for the incurably insane, Darren Frost takes the stage like a possessed hobbit, spewing so much bile and venom that, once your ears have acclimated, you can’t help but laugh. You may recognize him from his more sedate roles as the original Listerine Bottle Action Hero and Microsoft’s “Hermes, Messenger of the Gods,” as well as recent appearances in such films as “Fever Pitch,” “Don’t Say a Word” and “Assault on Precinct 13.” He is also currently working on an internet S&M cooking show called “The Leather Chef.” (an idea he stole from George Burns)

 Just For Laughs 2005

Frost’s standup has the quality of a satanic revival meeting.  He brings so much bile and venom to the stage it can be overwhelming.  Frost is at his best when he tempers his barbs with a little finesse and last night he showed this technique off to great affect.  Among the most daring comedians in Canada.

 Toronto Star February 2005

 If you’ve ever wanted to see what is it is like to use a nuclear weapon to swat a fly 2005

This man is a truist. Pure uncompromising genius. I have never seen rage so carefully orchistrated and sick imagery executed with such amazing percision. Darren Frost will fuck you up, and he’s coming to get you.

Shane Ogden, Standup Comic 2005

Frost releases a careening barrel of bitterness that will have bracing yourself against rolling in the aisles from laughing at things your Aunt Joyce told you weren’t funny.  Frost is crude, rude and marvelously maniacal  

Toronto Star 2003

This Brantford-born 31-year old stand-up scores high on the squirmability scale as he, uttering a barrage of expletives, takes us willingly down the dark corridors of Gary Glitter’s prurient pedophilic porn, dysfunctional families, female midgets and Slobodan Milosvec. Frost is crude, rude and marvelously maniacal

Toronto Star Nov 2002

The sort of comedic moments I live for….  Frost feature week is a great chance to see one of the scene’s most overlooked comedians.  One of the few comics who actively pushes to keep his comedy evolving. I caught him a few months back and he blew the doors off the  room

Eye Magazine Aug 6th, 2001

Frost is a character comedian.  On stage, his opersona is that of a nebbish,slightly demented, self-aggrandizing guy with a nervous laugh.  One year after his arrival in Toronto, he has made the jump to the big leagues

Eye Magazine April 3rd, 1997

It’s not hard to imagine the little fella ripping up a bit of flesh.  Frost’s lets it flow now and on a good rant …no question —-the guy is a riot!

Now Magazine 1998

The standup pipsqueak turned public-pontificator and original “Good for Me!” kid let it flow and stole the show at the 98 Toronto Comedy Festival’s Extreme Comedy Lab.  With “mutherfuckers!” flying, the most bitter of his personae was in control this night–ya never know with this guy–and he got on the most raucous of rants.  When he does that, it’s a riot.  He will go far.

Now Magazine Top Ten Moments 1998

Sketch troupe of the year honours go to the Shoosts (Tony Krolo, Wintson Spear, Ophira Eisenberg, Darren Frost, and Tim Goodall), who managed to class up the jammed, puking, shit-grabbing, chainsaw roaring environs of the Tom Green Show’s second Comedy Network season bash.  Warped and wonderful, they click together like Fred Astaire’s tap shoes

Lame and Shooster: Now Magazine Top Ten Moments 1998

 Energy, anger and absolute hilarity are only some of the adjectives that can sum up Darren’s show. He had it tough growing up…….but now the joke is on the bullies as Darren laughs himself to the bank every night. A whirlwind on the stage, ending with the crowd on it’s knees laughing; Darren is fast becoming one of Canada’s funniest….albeit oddest comedians. Darren has starred in numerous national television commercials, can be seen on the comedy network’s “Gutterball Alley” and is destined to be a superstar! Really he is!

Unknown Program Description circa 2002

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