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Birth Rates

25. November 2009


So since I am having a third child I decided to go and look on how I am doing to keep up with the rest of the worlds birthrates. Turns out that that I am having double the rate for my country.  The Canadian national average is 1.52 where the .52 are reality tv stars waw waw.   When […]

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New Videos

21. November 2009


Standup: New Five from Halifax new talent night wednesday November 18th   Best Of Corktown Podcast Eps 13

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The Debators

14. November 2009


So I did my third eps of CBC Radio the Debators and it was a lot of fun.  The topic was Anger and how we need to rid ourselves of it.  Of course I took the side of the arguement that we need anger in our lives and that it is a basic human emotion […]

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The West

13. November 2009


Oh the drama So after day one of a western tour, I thought things would flatline a little.  It can never be easy So we drive the two hours to Calgary and make jokes at every small town we drive through.  We are doing a big show that night for a radio station in a […]

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The day the music died

6. November 2009


Bye Bye miss american bowl So last night i performed in Lethbridge Alberta with Aaron Berg to five people total if we dont count employees. The set up was in a bowling alley that screamed death but once we got there and saw the room was actually one of the best set up rooms I […]

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