Archive | April, 2010

You’re Going To Make It After All

22. April 2010


here i am in a hotel room that smells like rotten eggs and this is the view from my window…the big time kids.  I can even jump to my death. the only way i can kill myself is to jump out and fit my fat body into one of those shoots and hope it leads […]

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Calgary: Lights Camera Revolution

21. April 2010


What a week it has been. The first time I have been out west in a year and it will be the first time I play edmonton in four or five years.  I have been spending tons of time watching open mikes in calgary and doing sets getting ready for my new dvd recording.  It […]

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Workshop Info

15. April 2010


for everyone who came to the workshop here is the points i covered……I hope to add some more stuff to this later in the week Doing sets outside of comedy clubs Doing as many sets as you possible can Listen to as much as you can Watch the whole show Be careful of structure…edgy then […]

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