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Thu, Dec 27, 2012


Well the end of another year and on paper lots happened but the things you are the most proud of will never be known.

Another year of the XM show with over 50 EPS to download on iTunes for your enjoyment.

January 7th is the season opener of the Mr D show that i joined for season 2.  The first eps is a big one with special guest star russell peters plus the little angry french teacher (moi).  Keep watching and I hope you enjoy it.  It was a great summer not to have to worry about paying the rent for the first time in years.

Tons of other stuff but if you ask me, what I am the most proud of?  It will always return to my standup.  That is not to discount the other stuff.  I just use a different measuring stick for that vs my standup.

Two years ago something happened in my life which was pretty fucking heavy and it has taken me two long years to put it into the act.  This is not easy stuff to digest and it now represents the last ten minutes of my act.  Two years of taking it …rearranging it…. stripping it down…tightening it up…. punching it up.  The bombing time and time again to try and figure out the beats and the major points.  Sure I can write a TV clean joke that works but means nothing to me. That is paying the rent for me..I get that but for me it is the feeling I get when you put the stuff down that matters…that you have worked hard for.

Many comics do this and for some it seems they just did it for the first time when in fact it has sat in the back of their brain for a long time.  It may seem like a small thing to you but it sure wasnt for me.

I am still trying to record my fourth dvd which was put off due to my vasectomy problems.  Looking at Feb 2013 to lay that down.

Also look for me to return to towns I have not been to in a long long time.  One in particular is Vancouver for the first time in years since being banned from a club where I sold the most merch ever.  Kenny Robinson and I will be bringing Rank And Vile Dirty Tour there in March.

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