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Thu, Feb 7, 2013


Every time after I do a DVD I say to my wife never again.  I cant find blood from this stone anymore.  Then time does something very funny like it always does… that stuff I did two years ago wasnt that good and i know i can do better.

So here we are two months away from me recording my fourth DVD.  It would have happened in September but a vasectomy gone horribly wrong pushed me back by at least six months.  Then incorporating that into the act and dropping my other closer took precedent.

For all three of my past DVD’s I have been 24 hours before laying it down saying “this is not ready …I should have waited another six months”  The reality is nothing will ever be done… when it comes to stories or jokes they always get better but no one wants to see a DVD of better stuff they have already watched.  So now I am old enough to not try and get the monkey off my back but just feed it so it sits still for awhile.

For two months leading up to recording I start to listen to music that inspires me and keeps me focused.  I find that when i listen to music that matters it gives me energy and the drive to stay the course and do material that i want to do.  It is a careful balance sometimes to make sure you dont go to far down the rabbit whole too early in the show.

London March 23rd will be the record date for the DVD.  I have not had a lot of luck in that town to be honest.  From the assault video of the glass from 08 to my last visit where a heckler stops the show asking me about my cancer (clip coming soon) and almost halting the show.

The venue is perfect for filming with great site lines and nice big stage.

Lets just hope it goes well. In the last six months it has not been a good ride and I can feel the monkey kicking me in the neck.

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