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Tue, Apr 30, 2013

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hey everyone

I know it has been a while since i posted anything.  To be honest I have been knee deep in performing at festivals for the last three weeks.

Winnipeg was first and very successful for me and the shows I did.  In both cases I wasn’t just the performer on them but also the producer behind the scenes.  The first is the live taping of Anything Goes for Sirius XM.  Almost 180 people crammed into the theatre to watch great sets by Jon Dore Kenny Robinson, George Westerholm, Ryan McMahon and Paul Rabliauskas.  It was also the return of Kathleen Mcgee as one of the hosts of the show and she was the funniest she had ever been on the show.

Many don’t realize that Dave and I do not make any money on our radio show that we do it due to our love of standup and the art form.  So to have so many people come up to us and tell us how much they enjoyed the taping or a few who were fans of the show was great.

That combined with the sellout crowd that Kenny Robinson and I had for our Rank N Vile show was just a double home run.  This proved that the model works..people want to see our kind of depraved acts in a nice venue fora  paying crowd.  If you are interested in booking the show just contact me through the website.

Also listen to CBC Radio One for the Debaters as our eps will be airing sooner then later.  Dave and I argued “if pot becomes legal then the government would be the best dealer.”  I voted pro that statement and never believed a word i said and that is what is great about the debaters. You just have to argue not believe it

Sudbury was just a quick trip back to the city I was married in.  Sold out dirty show with Aaron Berg and a cast of others.  We kicked the fuck out of the town and was on a plane 14hrs later back to the tdot.  Not much to report but I will be back in the fall with Kenny Robinson.

Halifax went smoother then I expected.  Two tv galas went very well for me and now we just have to wait for the shows to come out to prove to everyone in this business that I dont have to be muzzled to be funny.  I can do clean comedy and still be edgy I just dont want to do that live.  I still like saying the words that can get me into trouble live and that is why people still want to see live entertainment.  The first gala went very well for me and here is a link to an article where i was quoted

MR D: Season 2 of Mr D starts filming in july and there is still no word if I am going back. I had a great time and if it doesn’t happen no hard feelings its just business.  Gerry gave me the role without an audition and that is not normal in my business so I appreciated that big time.  Same goes to Ron James who came on my Xm show and then gave me a role in a sketch on his show.  That is the difference between actors and comics …comics never forget.  So please if you get a chance tune in to both shows and support Canadian comedy.

Finally on to the summer…for most it is the quietest time of year but for me it is time to hit the open mikes and get some new material running through my veins.  So tired of the same monkey dance i have been doing to get ready for the DVD recording which I dont think I am going to release.  Yes you heard me correctly…. maybe I am my own worse enemy but the audience is not that great for it and I made a big mistake filming it where i did.  I am happy with the performance but not the reaction

You want to see it and tell me what you think email me and maybe i will send you a free copy

Goodnight Fuckfaces

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