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So we are coming to the end of 2013 and it has been a very good year for my career.  Overall it had lots in the win column and a few missteps but I can live with that.  Here is a overall snap shot of the year…. I will be updating this over the next few days.


My fourth DVD has been getting great reviews and here are the ones so far that have come out:

Now Magazine “Savage tearing apart of news and pop culture items.” 4 N’s out of 5

The Serious Comedy Site “trip down the dark rabbit, or rabies hole of his mind. It is funny as hell. It is like nothing you have ever seen before, ever.”

Comedy Uncovered “It’s the first stitch on an open wrist, and we can see it for all that it is”


Winnipeg Comedy Festival:

A second year in a row, I returned to which is now my favorite comedy festival in the country.  Not only a sold out show for Rank N Vile but also a live recording of my Sirius XM show Anything Goes.  Almost 200 people loved the taping and it was the highlight for the whole year of comedy for me.  Everyone attached to the show works hard for zero money.  Did you hear me? Zero money… so it is very rewarding when a crowd and a booker appreciates the show.

Halifax Comedy Festival

My first time doing the fest after over 20 years of touring the east coast.  I aint gonna lie but i went in with a chip on my shoulder with the idea of “hey i should have done this years ago”.  I get it is a cleaner festival and that is not the first adjective that comes to mind when you think of my act.  I just switched gears and didnt say fuck and killed it.  The best part of the fest for me was seeing Dwight Slade for the first time after hearing about him for years…it was worth the wait to see him work the room so effortlessly.

Sudbury Comedy Festival:

Just did the one show this year by headlining the dark and dirty show.  Sold out and was able to do it with Aaron Berg now based in new york.  Highlight was meeting cheech and chong and they thought we were local comics from sudbury.  “hey man can you make a good living in this town just on comedy”  “what are you high…oh right”


One show ..time to put the politics and bullshit aside…one night for a charity event that hits close to home.  Joanna Downey.  Four comics were asked to do a show where the door went to Joanna.  She is a dear friend and one of the only people who believed in my comedy when many didn’t.  She now suffers from ALS and if you have a moment please support her if you can


first leg of the tour and Rank N Vile from 2013:



Scene Magazine


Metro News

CBC Manitoba SCENE

Velvet Rope Magazine


ANYTHING GOES: another 50 episodes of a show none of you listen to

HUMBLE&FREDRADIO: I was a big fan of these guys in the 90’s and still am. An hour interview where i say things that not everyone likes.

THESEANPOD: SEAN CULLEN’S PODCAST SHOW.  I love sean for the same reasons everyone else does… talented and a nice guy with one of the best reps in the biz.  He almost makes me want to come away from the darkside…almost.

WHATS SO FUNNY: third appearence on my favorite radio show for standups

SHOWBIZ MONKEYS: almost an hour interview where i rant and rant till finally I think JD was like is there more then one exit in this house he lives in.

FOREVER YOUNG with Dean Young: 90 minutes of hate (10 10 13 posting date).  My first interview pushing my new DVD and i dont think i left a stone unturned except the one with jonbenet ramsey under it.

THE JOKE MERCHANTS: episode 19.  Oh martha martha martha.  A no bullshiter meets a no bullshiter and guess what happens …no bullshit tada.

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