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Darren Frost: Emotional Terrorism

By: Tyler Dombroski

Darren Frost is back and running hotter than hell as one of Canada’s most illustrious X-rated acts. Darren’s release (both emotionally and the DVD) is his fourth feature-length DVD special aimed to please the “f*%kies” (a.k.a. those in the bitter-sweet front rows) world-wide . Emotional Terrorism: it’s not just for the divorcee anymore.

This comedy special presents the dark interpretation of Darren’s own real-life events and disposition as a man who doesn’t (read: unwilling to, never will!) sugar coat anything. Darren will be the first to say that his brand of comedy is a hard pill to swallow, and this DVD is a tall order…no doubt. As his subject matter dabbles with immigration law, global warming, and even our world at war, Emotional Terrorism flirts with the dark and brooding edge of x-rated comedy. Continuing with abortion, euthanasia, and even a new take on fisting (*Editor’s note: that’s likely the first and only time that’s ever been said), Frost keeps things fresher than a taxidermist’s basement. This special is a sheer breath of Frost’s own, cold truth- perfect for anyone who has the guts to face it.

A quote from Darren’s special sets the tone for this release:

“We’re in a sewer of shit going downhill because we watch TV…but we don’t watch the news”. –Darren Frost

Frost is the first ever Canadian comedian to release four one-hour specials of all new material independently- without the blood-thirsty hounds of a corporate filter. Although- that doesn’t keep him safe from controversy; Darren’s been attacked on stage both physically and verbally, in events captured live, later going viral on Youtube.

Similar to his previous specials, Frost is serving up his fans a ton of bonus content. Chatting about hecklers, being assaulted on stage, and a few behind the scenes moments in the development of his new one hour special, this DVD is great for anyone who has an above-average love for the art of telling jokes and stirring the Sh*tpot.

It’s the first stitch on an open wrist, and we can see it for all that it is… the makings of one of Canada’s greatest comedic monsters of our time.

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