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DARREN FROST isn’t for everybody. He’d probably be the first one to tell you that. In fact, I think he’d say that with a hint of satisfaction. After 25 years in Canadian comedy, he’s not out to please the masses. Or kowtow to popular taste. He’s done his fair share of that. And arguably no other Canadian comic has reinvented themselves as much as Frost has in the last two and a half decades.

Darren Frost started off slapstick. A silly, schlocky, squeaky clean character crafted for audience consumption. Over the years, he played that part on stage and on-screen. Yes, he was the Listerine man. Yes, his voice has been heard on animated series’ and kids shows across the dial. Still is.

But over time, Darren parted ways with that over-the-top on-stage persona, he evolved into a drastically different Darren Frost. A darker, more raw, real, and unfiltered version of himself that breeds controversy and spits pure vitriol. If it’s our job as comedians to peel apart the layers, and poke fun at what we find underneath – Darren Frost wields one of the deepest cutting scalpels in Canadian comedy. He’s not known for pulling punches. He’s an unapologetically outspoken voice, and 25 years deep – he’s among the best we’ve ever produced.

For Frost, it’s about making the kind of comedy where he can say what he wants to say. His fans and followers are loyal to a fault. And he’s more than paid his dues. He’s been banned by bookers, he’s been attacked by drunk audience. He’s swam in his fair share of shit. After 25 years in standup, it’s all familiar turf for Frost.

He’s also headlined a long list of sold out tours across Canada. Above and beyond his own busy schedule, he’s also one half of the cult classic “Rank & Vile Tour” with fellow Canadian comedy heavyweight Kenny Robinson. He has the weight of Canada’s biggest club chain behind him. He’s independently produced 4 DVD box sets (a first, for any Canadian comic).

And now he’s on the road again, in support of yet another major milestone. “THE DARKNESS WITHIN” is a 25-hour USB box set that highlights 25 years of standup, backed by a coast to coast tour that includes familiar venues and favourite cities, first-time stops and opening dates in his own hometown for the first time in nearly a decade. The first box set of its kind in Canadian comedy, and maybe comedy in general.

Darren Frost joined me in the TALKHOLE podcast network studio on a recent episode of my Forever Young show (click below) what it’s all about at this point. 25 years in. With 4 DVD box sets, multiple cross-Canada tours, a new career-spanning USB box set. For Frost, he’ll be on stage as long as he has something to say. On his terms. For his fans. You know, the FUCKIES!

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