Fri, Aug 12, 2016

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So it has been a very long time since i have updated the website.  Have i retired?  Some may think so.  I have gone underground for a bit to try and see what i want to scream about next.  I am still doing tons of stuff i just havent said much about it


Camp Lakebottom:  just wrapped xeason 3 and still kicking ass all over the world.

Total Drama Island Ridonculous Race: I played the part of stepbrother Chet.  The show also was a huge success and i made it to the halfway point of the season before getting booted off.  It is a take off of the amazing race and i played a character very much like the will farrell john c reily stepbrothers characters

Ranger Rob:  look for this show this fall.  It is aimed at the preschoolers market.  I play the role of a yeti who is best friends with a boy who is the son of the park ranger.  It was a lot of fun to do and hopefully the youngins like it

I am still waiting to hear about another start of a cartoon that i am really excited about.  This one is very weird in the vein of adventure time.


I have finally crawled out of the despair of writers block and am looking to record a new at least a new ep if not a full album in january of 2017.  I have two ideas where one is just another comedy album of new jokes OR a full album of storytelling.  Lots of my stories people tell me they love and i need to do them on stage so we shall see if i can pull it off.  If i do the record it will be in a small venue for the first time.  No more thunder dome comedy clubs for recordings.

I also have a new comedy tour and poster in the works which will hopefully be allowed to be displayed in comedy venues.  Most of my posters over the years have not been displayed cause it is too much to ask for comedy venues to do that.  Wasted time and energy in the long run but you have to keep swinging the bat to evenutally hit something.

I have been interviewed quite a bit over the last month or so about the mike ward case of a comic being sued for a joke.

My take is simple….. no comedian should be taken to court as I believe every joke is allowed to be told but only that comic knows if it should be.  For a great take legally on this arugment there is an article from a comedian and lawyer based now out of the states name Jess Salomon.

For my longer take on it you can listen to the following show I did for talk radio here by movie reviewer and cool pop culture guy Richard Crouse.  Joining in on the conversation is very funny comedian Simon Rakoff. is still open for business.  I am still the only comic to have his whole career available online and the first comic to have a box set for download online for only 20 bucks.  That is alot of cunts for 20 bucks.  Over 40 hours of stuff that is defintiely over a hundred cunts per buck.

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