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Sat, Oct 15, 2016

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hey everyone just a quick update

cartoon world:

Ranger Rob:  now playing everyday in canada on teletoon at around 615pm…. if you have little ones they will like it.  Turn it into a drinking game everytime i do that annoying laugh…drunk in 6 minutes

Wishfart: I just recorded a few eps of a new show with the title Wishfart.  I hope my character stays cause it is annoying and that is the one thing i am good at just ask my wife.

New Podcast Appearences:

go listen to me bitch and complain my way and make you cry with laughter… well maybe just cry

Standup Comedy

Ok so i have a few dates coming up with kenny robinson for rank n vile.  A super dirty tour that any degenerate would love.  We are going to attempt to record a bunch of shows and record an old school spit album where you get 20 minutes of me and 20 of kenny.  Those dates are november and january

Career Suiced tour:


some dates are going to be in january and february where i will be attempting to record a new cd.  i will have to get a new title as career suicide has been used for a one man show in new york.  Any suggestions please send my way

if I havent come to your town in a while either let me know or your local comedy club.  the phone calls work or at least piss them off when they wont book me for bullshit reason

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