Mon, Nov 5, 2018

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I know I know

the last few years have been lean on here for content.  Well while you have moved on to other comedians i have been stuck trying to fist fuck me out of this writers block.  Took me to the forearm to unlock the juices and start writing again.   Luckily i put down my joke file of unfinished bits from 1999 and said hey i can still do this cant I.

well duh here it is


Recorded only a few weeks ago on our east coast tour.  This is all brand new stuff for both of us.  Kenny released a comedy album last year and has been kicking at the doors hardcore over the  last 12 months to get to over a half an hour of new topical material.  As recent as the new pot laws in canada and Louis CK returning to comedy.

For me this is the official release since 2013.  Yes i have put out two bootlegs on my comedy box set that has a little of this material but for the most part it is new.  It includes my two longer stories of getting almost jacked off by a dude and my horrible kidney stones.  Hey if you wanted something different from me you are shit out of luck sunshine.  Life sucks and here is me screaming about it for another 40 minutes.

Look for us to tour the new year on the back of this recording.  It will be online within days but you can preorder it with me by emailing me at

See you bitches.  No i mean it this time.  I want to see you

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