Where did it all go wrong and why all the anger. Can’t we just be friends and get along. No…. No we cannot.

Welcome inside the head of.. LITTLE DARREN FROST. What can I tell you that is not already known. I could just tell you I am funny but I think that is subjective and believe me…some nights I am not so sure.

I started performing standup in 92. I became a professional in 95. I have quit seven times throughout my career but like crack I steal from my parents to make sure I keep the habit alive.

Hack comedy used to pay my rent. I was a happy comic from Nov 92 – Aug95. Then I started to realize that maybe these jokes are lame and not really appropriate for a mid twenty year old to be telling. Then I saw the light and got off so more hack comedy could be told by others.

I believe that my comedy could be best described by Neil Young “Traveling there was really boring so I headed for the ditch. It was a rough ride but I met more interesting people there.”

I am not the best but not the worst. I try to be different to just be accepted by the masses and in the end I will never play Fairview, Alberta again.

There is more to my story but you will have to find here inside this webpage. Or if you would like to see the show business bullshit version here is my bio for your consumption.


“Frost’s standup has the quality of a satanic revival meeting. He brings so much bile and venom to the stage it can be overwhelming. Frost is at his best when he tempers his barbs with a little finesse and ast night he showed this technique off to great effect.   He is considered to be among the most daring comedians in Canada.”

Toronto Star

Darren thrives on hyper-driving criticisms, dark revelation and lunacy. His ability to command the undivided attention of an audience is remarkable.  He is the only comedian in Canada to independently release four full length standup comedy DVD’s.  Darren just released a comedy special in November 2018 with Kenny Robinson called RanknVile Uncomfortable Truths.

Most recently he appeared on the CBC Murdoch Mysteries halloween special playing an alien.  Also with Nicolas Cage in the movie Pay The Ghost and was nominated twice at the 2014 Canadian Comedy Awards Including Best Male Standup.    Darren was also part of the cast of the hit CBC show Mr. D playing the new addition of angry French teacher. Darren also had appearances at the Halifax Comedy Festival , Lost Girl, Strombo and the  CBC Debaters.  For three years he was the host of the popular weekly Sirius XM radio show Anything Goes which has been nominated two years in a row for a Canadian Comedy Award.

He was twice awarded top ten comedy moments of the year by Toronto entertainment magazine Now with another mention in the year end comedy wrap of 2012. Darren has been awarded the prestigious Kari award for Best Performance in a Commercial in Canada. He has also performed in various comedy festivals including Just For Laughs, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and LOL Sudbury.

Numerous movie/television appearances to his credit including Hairspray with John Travolta, the Ethan Hawke film Assault on Precinct 13, the Drew Barrymore/Jimmy Fallon film Fever Pitch, a role in the Michael Douglas feature Don’t Say A Word, principle role in the Kojak series starring Ving Rhames.

Darren lends his voices to a many cartoons including:Ranger Rob, Wishfart, Total DramaRama,  Total Drama Island Ridonculous Race,  Looped,  Camp LakeBottom, Chuck and Friends, BeyBlade,  Bakughan Brawlers, Stoked, 6teen, NBC Discovery Kids Time Warp Trio, PBS’s Timothy Goes to School, Showtime’s Gahan Wilson’s The Kid, and Fox’s Medabots. He also has been featured in many memorable national commercials currently the Cash For Life Fairy, and old favorites Microsoft’s Hermes Messenger of the Gods, and Listerine’s Action Hero Bottle.

Not of this earth or simply full of fudge: you decide. Direct from Brantford, Ontario, he’ll have you convicted and healed all at once.

“It is funny as hell. It is like nothing you have ever seen before, ever.   At some point in the YouTube bit, Frost says that when he dies he wants people to write the truth on his wall. I will do it now: He is the funniest in your face comic you will ever see.”

SPECIFICS ON WORK LITTLE DARREN HAS COMPLETED TO DATE (for more information and graphical stimulation go to the proof section of the site):

Feature Films/TV Movies
Pay The Ghost (2015)

AnxietyVille (2014)

Hairspray (2008)

Fever Pitch (2005)

Assault On Precinct 13 (2005)
America’s Prince(2002)
Dean And Jerry (2002)
Red Green: Duct Tape Forever (2001)
You Stupid Man (2001)
Don’t Say A Word (2001)
Black Iris (2000)
Santa Who? (2000)
If You Believe (1999)
Short Films
The Cat Came Back (SHORT) (2004)
Milo (CFC) (2004)
Mittens (SHORT) (2004)
Boiling Point (CFC) (2003)
Stranded (CFC) (2003)
Why Can’t We Just Not Be Friends (CFC) (2003)
Providence 2003 (2001) (2002)
Chicago Dental (2001)
Long Live Sport (2000)
Roy and Suzi (2000)
Big Rock Anonymous (2000)
Pitch Survivor (2000)
Buster Rides Again (1999)
Ford (2012)

Comcast USA (2005)

Toyota (2005)
Cash For Life Fairy (2) (2005)
Shaftsbury (2005)
Kraft (2004)
Kelloggs UK (2004)
Listerine (3) (2001) (2002) (2002)
Canadian Tire (2) (2001)
Bell (5) (2000)
Leons (3) (2000, 2002)
Molson (3) (1999)
Telus (2) (1998)
Hasbro Toys (2003)
Georgia Natural Gas (2002)
Labatt (2001)
ATA Airlines (2001)
MRA Roofing (2001)
Heiniken Italy (2001)
Pet Advice (2001)
Labatt Spec Ad (2001)
Adelphia Cable (2000)
Microsoft (2000)
Ikea (Germany Only) (2000) (1999)
Cache Valley Cheese (1999)
Casino Rama (1998)
Swiss Chalet (1998)
Radio Voice
Rogers (2014)

Rogers AT&T (2003)

The Bay (3) 2003
Burger King (4)
Daniel Leather Sale (2001) (3)
Etrade (2)
Cincinatti Bell (2)
Xerox (2001) (2)
Xerox Industrial (2001)
Ride for Life Industrials Coco-Cola FridgeMate Launch (2004)
Shred-It (2003)
Print Campaigns For
Telus, Listerine Standup
TV Shows
Murdoch Mysteries (2018)

Lost Girl (2014)

Mr D (2014)

The Ron James Show (2013)

Skins (2012)

The Debaters (2010)

Video On Trial (2005)

Filthy Gorgeous (2005)
Kojak (2005)
Comedy Now (2004)
Doc (2003)
Degrassi The Next Generation (2003)
Gutter Ball Alley  (1999-2001)
After Hours  (2001)
Ed’s Night Party (2) (2001)
The Buzz (2001)
The Zack Files “Sock World” (2000)
The War Next Door  (2000)
La Femme Nikita (2000)
PR “You’ve Got a Friend” (2000)
Martins Pilot (2000)
Leather Chef 3 eps (2001) 6 eps (2002)
Headstones (2001) (2002)
Sketchcom (1999)
Mike Bullard (2)(1998)
Comics (2) (1998)
NHL Hockey Awards (1998)
She’s So Funny (2) (1999-2000)
Eye on Toronto (1998)
The Pawn (2000)
On the Arts (1999)
CBC Undercurrents (2001)
Mondo Taboo (1998)
Animation Series
Arthur (2019)

Ranger Rob (2018-2018)

Wishfart (2018)

Total DramaRama (2018)

Total Drama Island Ridonculous Race (2015)

Little Charmers (2018)

Looped (2015)

Camp LakeBottom (2013-2015)

Chuck And Friends (2012)

Sidekicks (2012)

Detentionaires (2012)

Willa’s WildLife (2011)

Stoked (2008)

Bakughan Brawlers (2007-2008)

6Teen (2005-2008)

Time Warp Trio (2004-2005)
Jojo’s Circus (2003)
Medabots (104) (2001-2003)
Moville Mysteries (2001) (2002)
Timothy Goes To School (26) (2000-2001)
MiniMan (3) (2000)
The Kid (3) (2000)
Quads (2000)
George Shrinks (2000)
Brave New Waves (2000)
Comedy Festivals
Halifax Comedy Festival (2013)

GreyBruce Comedy Festival (2012)

Winnipeg Comedy Festival (2011, 2012)

St Johns Comedy Festival (2009)

LOL Sudbury (2009, 2014)

Just for laughs (1998, 2005)

Edinborough Fringe Festival (1998)
Phil Hartman Festival (2000) (2002)
Peoples Comedy Festival (1998-1999)
Upper Canada Brew Haha (1998)
Sick Kids Telethon (1999, 2000)
Foster Parents Plan (1999)
Breast Cancer Fundraiser (1999)
Wayne Flemming Benefit (2000)
Comedy Headliner
Yuks, Nest, Works, Zone
Comedy Clubs
Yuks, Lafflines, Stand, Nest, Works, Comedy Store