Dare to Look! Not for those easily offended or prone to barfing or dizzy spells. Look through the past websites of darren and figure out what year he lost the will to live.

Do you ever wonder, what I do when I’m not either doing comedy or wearing a monkey suit. I’m looking for midget porn and new internet friends of course. Come check my
newest friends out.  I hope that if you like my act or my videos you will take some time and look at these sites as well:




One of the hosts  of the man show in America and a great dirty edgy comic.


Go and check out why Britain considers him the best comic who ever lived.
A great comic from America who has is worth every penny to go and see. He is a regular on king of queens and most alternative venues
across the US.
Gotta give props to the one
comic who made me want to be a comic at age 12. Still one of the best writers ever.
One of the best ciorporate comics in canada. Check out why he makes the
big bucks doing comedy for people who might lose their job if times don’t change.
When people email
me and say they hate me cause I am too angry or too edgy I tell them to go and see Tony. I mean that in the best way… he is clean and very funny. I don’t think Tony does the reverse for me that for me but that is ok.
Go see why another
funny motherfucker had to leave the country. One of the best sites for video content for a comic out there.
Check out angelo’s
site of one of the hardest working men in show business.
One of the few young guys who write stuff that is twisted enough for me to say fuck I wish I wrote that.
One of the guys to watch …he is the real deal and isn’t afraid to tell people who his friends are. The best blog writer for a comic in canada make sure you check it out.
Check the other edgy comic
in canada worth a fuck.
  Everyonce in awhile you have to move to a different country to get appreciated. Another one has left the building.
Check him out in the UK or pick up his book that is in stores
One of the smartest guys in the business about
the art of standup comedy. He has been doing standup for 25 years ..check him out.
  Reviews for the serious comedy fan.    



 A great heavy metal band
from sudbury. Check them out. Sudbury and heavy metal go together like used needles and crack whores.
My favorite photographer
and does all the shots on this site.
I worked here for many years and did some funny stuff