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There’s been lots of talk recently about who could play Rob Ford in the inevitable movie, and after watching comic Darren Frost’s fourth DVD, Emotional Terrorism, my vote goes to him. Sure, the mayor’s got more height and a lot more girth than Frost, who at one point in his show compares himself to Danny DeVito or a “fat, mentally challenged Phil Collins.” But the veteran comic matches RoFo in volatility and rage. Watching Frost, in person or on disc, your own blood pressure’s bound to go up a few notches. But at least the laughs he gets are intentional.

Recorded earlier this year in London, Ontario, this disc has all the hallmarks of Frost’s act: the aggressive, confrontational stance, the (playful) picking on someone in the front row by repeatedly calling him (it’s usually a him) “Fucky” and the savage tearing apart of news and pop culture items.

It’s a sign of how short the news cycle is these days that some specific references feel a tad dated, like bits about the drunk driver whose video singing Bohemian Rhapsody in a cop car became a YouTube sensation, and those punks from Jersey Shore.

Other jokes are classic, however, like his immigration test for new Canadians (“Have them watch a Rita MacNeil Christmas Special without vomiting on themselves”) or his bit about Justin Bieber’s favourite fans.

Approaching middle age, Frost’s not afraid to embrace his physical shortcomings and test the limits of acceptability. A joke about the TV reality show Hoarders goes to unexpected places. And he’s come up with brutally honest and funny material about raising three sons, one of whom might be gay.

His longest joke goes into vivid detail about birth control, beginning with a gag that’ll have you avoiding the egg section in Shoppers and ending with a vasectomy appointment that’ll make you wince in pain before keeling over with laughter.

One of the extras includes the infamous clip of a guy responding to one line from that bit. Introducing it, Frost (his pugnacious persona now gone) puts the episode in context, shedding light on his process and what he finds funny. There’s also a sequence from the Rivoli’s ALTdot of another heckler throwing a glass at him. And the best extra of all is his first comedy special, 2008’s Laughing Away The Tears.

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Scene Magazine May 2015

Sat, May 23, 2015



DARREN FROST isn’t for everybody. He’d probably be the first one to tell you that. In fact, I think he’d say that with a hint of satisfaction. After 25 years in Canadian comedy, he’s not out to please the masses. Or kowtow to popular taste. He’s done his fair share of that. And arguably no other Canadian comic has reinvented themselves as much as Frost has in the last two and a half decades.

Darren Frost started off slapstick. A silly, schlocky, squeaky clean character crafted for audience consumption. Over the years, he played that part on stage and on-screen. Yes, he was the Listerine man. Yes, his voice has been heard on animated series’ and kids shows across the dial. Still is.

But over time, Darren parted ways with that over-the-top on-stage persona, he evolved into a drastically different Darren Frost. A darker, more raw, real, and unfiltered version of himself that breeds controversy and spits pure vitriol. If it’s our job as comedians to peel apart the layers, and poke fun at what we find underneath – Darren Frost wields one of the deepest cutting scalpels in Canadian comedy. He’s not known for pulling punches. He’s an unapologetically outspoken voice, and 25 years deep – he’s among the best we’ve ever produced.

For Frost, it’s about making the kind of comedy where he can say what he wants to say. His fans and followers are loyal to a fault. And he’s more than paid his dues. He’s been banned by bookers, he’s been attacked by drunk audience. He’s swam in his fair share of shit. After 25 years in standup, it’s all familiar turf for Frost.

He’s also headlined a long list of sold out tours across Canada. Above and beyond his own busy schedule, he’s also one half of the cult classic “Rank & Vile Tour” with fellow Canadian comedy heavyweight Kenny Robinson. He has the weight of Canada’s biggest club chain behind him. He’s independently produced 4 DVD box sets (a first, for any Canadian comic).

And now he’s on the road again, in support of yet another major milestone. “THE DARKNESS WITHIN” is a 25-hour USB box set that highlights 25 years of standup, backed by a coast to coast tour that includes familiar venues and favourite cities, first-time stops and opening dates in his own hometown for the first time in nearly a decade. The first box set of its kind in Canadian comedy, and maybe comedy in general.

Darren Frost joined me in the TALKHOLE podcast network studio on a recent episode of my Forever Young show (click below) what it’s all about at this point. 25 years in. With 4 DVD box sets, multiple cross-Canada tours, a new career-spanning USB box set. For Frost, he’ll be on stage as long as he has something to say. On his terms. For his fans. You know, the FUCKIES!

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Sat, May 23, 2015


Comic Darren Frost ready to fire up city

Darren Frost is bringing his hilarious R-rated tour to Yuk Yuks Vancouver for one night only, Sunday, May 17th.

Arguably the most controversial comedian in the country, the Brantford, Ontario native and veteran of the Canadian comedy scene is unapologetically outspoken while his act has been described as nothing short of a live exorcism.

Frost is convinced his show will make for a refreshing treat for the typically laid-back West Coast audiences.

Mark Breslin, writing in the Guide to Canadian Stand-up Comedy, describes Frost as “a comedian who may represent our troubled age better than anyone. There’s the edge, and then there’s further, and then there is Darren Frost.”

Although Frost has enjoyed some recent success in Vancouver, the comedian is quick to suggest that it’s a tough town when it comes to comedy. He says he needs to work extra hard in the port city for his laughs.

“It comes with the territory for the kind of comedy I do,” Frost maintains. “Social commentary or button –pushing comedy forces you to work hard because audiences are not always on your side.”

Certainly, that was the case back in 2013, when an intoxicated audience member chucked a beer bottle at his chest during a performance.

Then there was the time he was forced to kick out the 20 rowdy “St. Westley Church Pissers” from his Yuk Yuks show back when it was still on Burrard Street.

That one, he admits, was a lot less painful, and he enjoyed the challenge of working them into the show, Frost laughs.

Says Frost: “Sometimes comedy is like a flesh-eating wound where you have to cut off the arm to save the body.”

But for the most part, his fans cooperate and come out in droves to celebrate his uniqueness.

This time around Frost is curious to see how playing in a city with a dispensary on every corner will affect his audience. He proposes that he may need to breathe a bit more fire into the crowd just to keep them on their toes.

Frost is currently touring the country, celebrating the release of his Darkness Within box set, a collection of over 25 hours of content spanning his 25-year career.

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Sat, May 23, 2015


Darren Frost survives his darkness within

Darren Frost is a standup survivor. He’s been heckled and physically attacked, but keeps coming back for more. Of course, there have been successes along the 25-year journey, too, but they’re not as juicy and fun—just good, solid credits: he’s a two-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee, has put out four DVDs and three CDs, and has done CBC’s The Debaters and Mr. D.

On his latest tour, which hits Yuk Yuk’s for a special Sunday-night show, he’s selling all of it on a USB stick that contains 25 hours of comedy, including 12 hours from his DVDs, podcast appearances, CDs, early clips from what he calls his crowd-pleasing “happy clappy fun boy” era, and such later clips as the one of him being physically assaulted by a thrown whiskey tumbler that landed straight on his solar plexus and being verbally assaulted by unhappy punters. He calls it The Darkness Within: A Lifetime of Disappointment.

This is a guy who supplements his income with numerous acting gigs (Hairspray with John Travolta and Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon, as well as voice work on Camp Lakebottom, among others). So where’s the darkness and disappointment?

“I think I cut myself open every night and let it bleed out, pretty much,” he says. “The stories speak for themselves. Constant bad luck.”

His wife of 11 years jokes about the “Frost family curse”.

“I used to tell a story in my act about a Quebec field trip in high school,” Frost says, on the phone from his home in Toronto. “It’s true: 41 people applied for this trip and 40 could go. And I couldn’t go. Everyone’s screaming ‘Yay!’ and hugging each other. It’s just a setup for a lifetime of disappointment.”

Two of his three kids have the same heart defect, tetralogy of Fallot, which has required multiple open-heart surgeries. Frost has battled diabetes and skin cancer. He’s had problems with a vasectomy and been misdiagnosed with other ailments. He’s got no other choice but to laugh about it—or at least cause the audience to laugh through his piercing stares and angry outbursts.

It didn’t start out that way, though. His first five-ish years were spent doing a wacky character with funny pants.

“That was the era,” he says. “It was just doing material that got laughs. I did very well. But you realize it’s kind of hollow. I felt very trapped, so I said, ‘Enough of this,’ and I shitcanned all that stuff and started doing other material. I think I’m better for it.”

But the angry guy on-stage now is also a persona. The real Darren Frost is somewhere between the polar opposites, although probably closer to the intense current version. “It’s a heightened version of who I am now,” he says.

Frost has moved away from commentary into more personal stories, which resonate with audiences more, even if they can’t totally relate to the string of bad luck that follows him around. And that’s seen a decrease in the number of altercations he gets himself into.

“People generally had an opinion about a news story I was talking about and if I didn’t have their opinion, they got pretty upset,” he says. “That led to battles with hecklers or people getting upset and trying to shut the show down. You can be upset with what I say to my kids or how I present them, but it doesn’t screw up the audience as much as when I did my Third World hunger jokes or jokes about the [Greyhound] beheading. I just don’t have the heart in me anymore to want to fight every single crowd to that level.”

He seems to be enjoying himself more, too—as far as a Frost can, anyway.

“I love it when all the planets align. They don’t always align, but I do still love it,” he says of life on the road performing standup. “It’s my heroin, there’s no doubt about it.”

Darren Frost’s The Darkness Within Tour plays Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club on Sunday (May 17).

Follow Guy MacPherson on Twitter @GuyMacPherson.

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Kamloops May 2015

Sat, May 23, 2015


Frost not for faint of heart

By: Jessica Wallace in Entertainment May 19, 2015 0 161 Views

For Darren Frost, there’s no thrill like standup comedy.

The Canadian comic wears many hats — voice, film and television actor, among others — but it’s all for the stage.

“Standup comedy, by far,” he said of his preferred work.

“Everything else funds my ability to do standup comedy.”

He recently wrapped up two days of filming with Nicolas Cage for a part in the movie Pay the Ghost and had just touched down in the Yukon when KTW reached him for a phone interview.

The Darkness Within Tour — his largest in Canada in 25 years — began in Ontario and will make its way across the country this year.

He’ll stop at The Office Pub and Grill in Valleyview this week and remembers performing in the River City in the mid-1990s, downtown at     the former Jukebox Jive.

“People used to drink. I’m sure that hasn’t changed,” he said with a laugh.

Frost, 44, has seen changes to the comedy world in his tenure on stage, namely due to the explosion of the Internet.

“Communication has got easier,” he said. “Crowds have become more comedy savvy.”

But, one thing never changes.

“If you wanna make a living in this country, you have to hustle,” he said. “You think that over time and education, that would kind of go away, but it doesn’t.”

Frost’s own comedy style has changed.

While he once focused on social commentary, he said people don’t want to hear it anymore.

Now, he jokes about real life and his three boys — ages five, eight and 11 — back home in Toronto, offer plenty of inspiration.

“I talk about my kids a lot now,” he said, noting it’s all “feces and farts” with them.

“It’s all they talk about. Sometimes I wish I have a girl.”

As for his tour, Frost advises audiences to keep an open mind and the hashtag set up for the tour on social media #thedarknesswithin provides insight.

His tweets are laced with profanities. Of the ones KTW could print:

“sister had so many abortions in the 90s when she goes inside a closet all the coat hangers go straight #oldjokes #nottrue #thedarknesswithin [sic]”

“I can’t stop humming black sabbath songs while my son has first communion #warpigs #thewizard [sic]”

Frost says his tour is not for the faint of heart.

“Don’t come with an agenda, just come to laugh,” he said. “If you don’t like one joke, wait for the next one. . .  If you don’t like three in a row, probably leave.”

He is also selling a jump drive box set with more than 24 hours of comedy, on which his tour is based. The pub is at 2020 Falcon Rd. Tickets are $10 in advance from or $15 at the door. The show is at 8 p.m.

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Wed, Apr 1, 2015



Help me spread the word and win the hate just click the above link for more info

For the first time I am touring coast to coast in the same calender year.  All in celebration of the first comic to do a comedy box set on a USB.  20 hours of material on one stick.  If you miss me in your fucked up town that might be your only chance for a long time cunts.


















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Anger Box Set/West Coast Tour

Fri, Feb 27, 2015


So to stall for time in between releases I have gathered all my footage to present a USB stick for sale.  The stick includes





Also included are audio versions of my dvds that can be loaded into your phone or itunes.

We are talking over 20 hours of content here for one small price that includes shipping to anywhere in North America.  Other regions we can talk about shipping.  For dvd and cd info just look to thew whore store.


This price will only be this low for a short period of time so get in touch.

Also look to my tour dates in the next few weeks to see a big tour I am putting together for the first time in over 10 years I am playing somewhere else than just Vancouver.  Stops will include the Yukon, Kelowna, Kamloops and a big dirty show in vancouver at Yuk Yuks on May 17.

I have a couple nights free so if you have a small town that needs the hate get in touch … i am not as expensive as lamer comics.

‘Bring me the stares of the downtrodden and I shall place my head upon a pillow of hate and sleep peacefully the night away”

Darren Frost 2015

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Thu, Dec 4, 2014


Time and time again I have heard that term from either other Canadian comics or people in the industry.  It is moniker for all those times an American comic comes up here and either asks for something or feels entitled.  Sometimes they are just star cunts and I get that but there is something even deeper than that.  A lot of times it is the comic just asking for what they deserve.  A normal standard that they are either used to or should get but people in Canada feel shocked that they even ask.

As Canadians we don’t ask for what we are worth, in many ways we just accept what we get and move on.  To ask for more worth is in a sense selfish.  How dare you think that you are worth more…there are hundreds of people who would kill for your ability to barely pay rent.  What you want RRSP’s…. Fucking Americans.

Now apply this same value system to the Canadian comics cause it applies.  In my business there is a sense that you should just be happy with what you get and if you want more than you are just the same as those Fucking Americans.  Listen to countless Canadian comics who have to move to the states and they all say the same thing.  If we had the same success in America as Canada then we would be having our own tv show or playing large theatres blah blah blah.  I am sure there are people who see this and go “who do they think they are…. They are not even that funny”.  Funny doesn’t matter in this equation it is what the public sees they are worth and not the industy.

I have seen this for myself and it is very true in Canada.  One only has to look at Russell Peters and the way he handles his business and I am sure many in the biz has said who does he think he is?  He is one of the top comics in the world but if he stayed here he wouldn’t even have his own show cause playing moosejaw to 100 people is the prize in this country AND you better be grateful to play to those 100 people.

On a much smaller scale this has applied to my own career.  I once was told by a comedy club owner in montreal that I might be too much for his club in terms of content.  As he was saying this to me I pointed to a picture that was above us of Jim Norton.  All the club owner could say to me is “well he is American”.  I killed that whole weekend…shook many hands and was told countless times I was the best they had seen but maybe it was the way I handled myself off stage.  Who knows but the “well he is American” line stayed with me.

I have done countless comedy clubs where they cant even put up my comedy posters I have paid for to be printed and shipped to the club.  They see this as who does he think he is.  HOW dare he think he is any better than the average comic we have in here every week.  Well marketing doesn’t work that way… in marketing perception is everything and if you make a big deal out of something people will think it is a big deal and come AND pay more.  I have had countless weekends where the staff has no idea what I have done and come up to me at the end and say you have been the best one in a long time.  Sure but that doesn’t earn me the right to have a poster advertising it does it.

I have had arguments with comedy agents who say shit like “really Darren does it matter you did all this stuff?”  Yeah it does that is how they do it in America.  They are not ashamed to use credits and make it sound better than it is.  As long as you don’t lie where exactly is the problem.  These same clubs and agents have no problem booking SCREECH. I am sure that is based on his comedy talent only.   If only my parents would have fucked 90 miles south near Buffalo.

I also know this whole speech has been made many times before.. Canadians are polite.. we don’t ask…. We wait blah blah blah.  Well I see a whole generation of young comics who either learned from the old fucks or just live in a social media world where borders don’t matter when it comes to comedy.  They are not waiting for anything and the times they are a changing.  I am pretty sure the Irish don’t say FUCKING BRITS and vice versa.

I still just want 50 people in a room who want to hear me scream who saw a poster and knew what they were getting.

If that makes me a Fucking American then so be it can I just not have to spend the 15 grand to get a green card.

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The Other Side

Tue, Dec 2, 2014


Well after 2 years of feeling in the shitter about my standup, I have had three weeks in a row of good shows to kick my ass into gear.

I am actually looking forward to the year 2015.

In the last few weeks/months I have done some comedy podcasts/interviews and here are the links to them.  Dont do it all in one day… that is way too much darren frost for anyone

Humble and Fred:

My fourth appearance on the show is quite the doosy.  Other guests on this eps are Demetri Martin and Tv Critic Bill Brioux

Whats So Funny Vancouver

My fifth appearance on the best comedy podcast in canada for my dollar.  It is the only podcast where you talk about comedy not hosted by a comic.

The Movie Jerks: EPS 115

A great podcas based out of edmonton where you watch a bad movie and discuss it in detail.  Since I worked with Nicolas Cage recently we spoke in great detail about the Wickerman.  It is really fun.

The Julien Dionne Comedy Hour: Eps 9

A good friend and comic Julien is interviewing comics one at a time and we get into the problems with canadian showbiz.

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