Thu, Sep 11, 2014


Time is a motherfucker

Anger is an energy

I am sitting on a train on my way to the Canadian Comedy Awards where I am nominated for two awards that I self nominated myself for.  The last six months something has happened to me and I cant quite describe it.  Fewer and fewer gigs excite me… fewer and fewer gigs I say YEAH that is why I do standup comedy.

Ever since I put out my 4th DVD to zero acclaim (which i knew was going to happen), I just have no will to produce new material.  Lots of stuff has happened to me but I have no drive to turn it into material.  I am afraid I have jumped the shark of my standup career.

The silly part is I have never been busier with my career when I combine all the cartoon work, acting work, and standup.  First trips to Victoria and Namaimo in my 25 years as a standup…. thoughts of finally editing my heckler video from my back catalog. Is this just the ebb and flow of life and career?  Time will tell.

Up until 6 months ago, I was fuck this I will stay committed to what I want to do.  No one is going to stop me and then you just wake up one day and that fire is not there anymore.  In the movie I AM COMIC, I was always interested in the section on why comics quit and now I am living with it.  Too many days of convincing myself there is more to say when the tank is empty.

One of the hardest part is such a cliche but there is a reason they are cliches.  My children are getting older and I only have so much time with them.  Today is the first time I am missing a surgery for my oldest son.  It really brings back memories of having to go on stage when they had open heart surgery.

The way I look at it is…every night I have to spend babysitting fucktards is one less night of being with my family.

There is good news… I just booked a role in a movie with Nicolas Cage for a few days and my scenes are with him.  That should be good for the demo real of 8 second clips of me with famous people.

For now I have a weekend of shows to do for the comedy awards and lets hope i win just for the acceptance speech.  I think if I don’t win I will post the speech here.  It will be very representative of where I am right now.

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Mon, Aug 11, 2014


So I am taking the plunge and doing  my first fan expo in toronto.  Many people do not realize that I do anything but standup but in fact i do more cartoon work these days then standup.  Here is a partial list to let people know what I have done:

Camp Lakebottom: SQUIRT


The Adventures of Chuck and Friends: ROWDY


6Teen: DARTH


Stoked: Snack Shack

snack shack

Bakughan Brawlers: SHADOW PROVE and SHUJI

shadow proveshuji2

Timothy Goes To School: FRANK #1

frank 1

Time Warp Trio: Sam


Also appearences in Medabots, Sidekicks, Detenionaires, Arthur, Beyblade, Jojo’s Circus, Gahan Wilson’s The Kid, Willa’s Wildlife Adventure.

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Rank N Vile Xmas: Dec 23 Royal Cinema

Mon, Dec 9, 2013


This will be the last show of the year for me in Toronto.  It will also be the last booking for Rank N Vile for a few months.

What is Rank N Vile?

“A double headlining tour starring comedians known across the country for their profane opinionated brand of “in your face” style and social commentary. With a combined 50 years of comedy in Canada this show is bound to push your buttons and expand your horizons.”

For Tickets click here

dirty xmas

Kenny is one of Canada’s top comics for a reason.  Come out and see why this show is too much for many people in our fine fine country.

Also on the show is Ryan Dennee who I have toured with and look forward to working with again. Ryan is very funny and the perfect host for Rank N Vile

Show Details:

Monday December 23rd. Showtime 8PM Doors 7PM

The Royal Cinema

608 College St


Tickets: $20.00

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Wed, Dec 4, 2013


So we are coming to the end of 2013 and it has been a very good year for my career.  Overall it had lots in the win column and a few missteps but I can live with that.  Here is a overall snap shot of the year…. I will be updating this over the next few days.


My fourth DVD has been getting great reviews and here are the ones so far that have come out:

Now Magazine “Savage tearing apart of news and pop culture items.” 4 N’s out of 5

The Serious Comedy Site “trip down the dark rabbit, or rabies hole of his mind. It is funny as hell. It is like nothing you have ever seen before, ever.”

Comedy Uncovered “It’s the first stitch on an open wrist, and we can see it for all that it is”


Winnipeg Comedy Festival:

A second year in a row, I returned to which is now my favorite comedy festival in the country.  Not only a sold out show for Rank N Vile but also a live recording of my Sirius XM show Anything Goes.  Almost 200 people loved the taping and it was the highlight for the whole year of comedy for me.  Everyone attached to the show works hard for zero money.  Did you hear me? Zero money… so it is very rewarding when a crowd and a booker appreciates the show.

Halifax Comedy Festival

My first time doing the fest after over 20 years of touring the east coast.  I aint gonna lie but i went in with a chip on my shoulder with the idea of “hey i should have done this years ago”.  I get it is a cleaner festival and that is not the first adjective that comes to mind when you think of my act.  I just switched gears and didnt say fuck and killed it.  The best part of the fest for me was seeing Dwight Slade for the first time after hearing about him for years…it was worth the wait to see him work the room so effortlessly.

Sudbury Comedy Festival:

Just did the one show this year by headlining the dark and dirty show.  Sold out and was able to do it with Aaron Berg now based in new york.  Highlight was meeting cheech and chong and they thought we were local comics from sudbury.  “hey man can you make a good living in this town just on comedy”  “what are you high…oh right”


One show ..time to put the politics and bullshit aside…one night for a charity event that hits close to home.  Joanna Downey.  Four comics were asked to do a show where the door went to Joanna.  She is a dear friend and one of the only people who believed in my comedy when many didn’t.  She now suffers from ALS and if you have a moment please support her if you can


first leg of the tour and Rank N Vile from 2013:



Scene Magazine


Metro News

CBC Manitoba SCENE

Velvet Rope Magazine


ANYTHING GOES: another 50 episodes of a show none of you listen to

HUMBLE&FREDRADIO: I was a big fan of these guys in the 90’s and still am. An hour interview where i say things that not everyone likes.

THESEANPOD: SEAN CULLEN’S PODCAST SHOW.  I love sean for the same reasons everyone else does… talented and a nice guy with one of the best reps in the biz.  He almost makes me want to come away from the darkside…almost.

WHATS SO FUNNY: third appearence on my favorite radio show for standups

SHOWBIZ MONKEYS: almost an hour interview where i rant and rant till finally I think JD was like is there more then one exit in this house he lives in.

FOREVER YOUNG with Dean Young: 90 minutes of hate (10 10 13 posting date).  My first interview pushing my new DVD and i dont think i left a stone unturned except the one with jonbenet ramsey under it.

THE JOKE MERCHANTS: episode 19.  Oh martha martha martha.  A no bullshiter meets a no bullshiter and guess what happens …no bullshit tada.

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Fri, Jun 7, 2013



Currently as we speak my new special is being edited and put together.  It is my fourth dvd release and this will be my first one that will be released online as well as physical units.

The online one will just be the special no extras at all.  Now if you ever bought one of my older dvds you know i jam them packed with hrs of bonus features and this new one will be no different.  One of the bonus features will be my first one hour dvd special that is now out of print.  I have ran out of copies of that first dvd and other then the special there are things on there i no longer have the rights to and it would be too much trouble to get them.  You can find all of that on youtube so just go there for free.

There will be also a few other bonus features i have under my sleeve to make sure it is worth your extra dollars.  I am also trying to put together a big fall tour which will be the largest i have ever taken in the 20 years as a comedian.  If you are someone that is interested in booking a show get in touch at for details.

Lots of cities I have not been to in quite a long time are lining up and I am looking forward to it.


My radio show is still going strong and we are looking at going live and to two hours in the fall so that way people can call in and address their fears/problems/criticisms etc.  Go to itunes to download all the past eps.

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Summer in the City

Tue, Apr 30, 2013


hey everyone

I know it has been a while since i posted anything.  To be honest I have been knee deep in performing at festivals for the last three weeks.

Winnipeg was first and very successful for me and the shows I did.  In both cases I wasn’t just the performer on them but also the producer behind the scenes.  The first is the live taping of Anything Goes for Sirius XM.  Almost 180 people crammed into the theatre to watch great sets by Jon Dore Kenny Robinson, George Westerholm, Ryan McMahon and Paul Rabliauskas.  It was also the return of Kathleen Mcgee as one of the hosts of the show and she was the funniest she had ever been on the show.

Many don’t realize that Dave and I do not make any money on our radio show that we do it due to our love of standup and the art form.  So to have so many people come up to us and tell us how much they enjoyed the taping or a few who were fans of the show was great.

That combined with the sellout crowd that Kenny Robinson and I had for our Rank N Vile show was just a double home run.  This proved that the model works..people want to see our kind of depraved acts in a nice venue fora  paying crowd.  If you are interested in booking the show just contact me through the website.

Also listen to CBC Radio One for the Debaters as our eps will be airing sooner then later.  Dave and I argued “if pot becomes legal then the government would be the best dealer.”  I voted pro that statement and never believed a word i said and that is what is great about the debaters. You just have to argue not believe it

Sudbury was just a quick trip back to the city I was married in.  Sold out dirty show with Aaron Berg and a cast of others.  We kicked the fuck out of the town and was on a plane 14hrs later back to the tdot.  Not much to report but I will be back in the fall with Kenny Robinson.

Halifax went smoother then I expected.  Two tv galas went very well for me and now we just have to wait for the shows to come out to prove to everyone in this business that I dont have to be muzzled to be funny.  I can do clean comedy and still be edgy I just dont want to do that live.  I still like saying the words that can get me into trouble live and that is why people still want to see live entertainment.  The first gala went very well for me and here is a link to an article where i was quoted

MR D: Season 2 of Mr D starts filming in july and there is still no word if I am going back. I had a great time and if it doesn’t happen no hard feelings its just business.  Gerry gave me the role without an audition and that is not normal in my business so I appreciated that big time.  Same goes to Ron James who came on my Xm show and then gave me a role in a sketch on his show.  That is the difference between actors and comics …comics never forget.  So please if you get a chance tune in to both shows and support Canadian comedy.

Finally on to the summer…for most it is the quietest time of year but for me it is time to hit the open mikes and get some new material running through my veins.  So tired of the same monkey dance i have been doing to get ready for the DVD recording which I dont think I am going to release.  Yes you heard me correctly…. maybe I am my own worse enemy but the audience is not that great for it and I made a big mistake filming it where i did.  I am happy with the performance but not the reaction

You want to see it and tell me what you think email me and maybe i will send you a free copy

Goodnight Fuckfaces

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Mon, Mar 4, 2013


It has been two and a half years since i released my third DVD and here is the info for the fourth

TWO SHOWS 8:00 AND 10:30
Address: 900 King St, London, ON N5W 2X6
Phone:(519) 438-7203
This will include some of my most brutal material that i have written.  If you have seen me before you know what to expect …if you haven’t then check on youtube before you come
There has been many things that have happened in london …many things i have recorded and now we will have four angles of what goes down.
Here is the video from london the last time that went viral…. why cant one of my prepared bits go viral…and sorry i swear way to much it is embarrassing
and this old gem…. here we go again london
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It always will be the same

Thu, Feb 7, 2013


Every time after I do a DVD I say to my wife never again.  I cant find blood from this stone anymore.  Then time does something very funny like it always does… that stuff I did two years ago wasnt that good and i know i can do better.

So here we are two months away from me recording my fourth DVD.  It would have happened in September but a vasectomy gone horribly wrong pushed me back by at least six months.  Then incorporating that into the act and dropping my other closer took precedent.

For all three of my past DVD’s I have been 24 hours before laying it down saying “this is not ready …I should have waited another six months”  The reality is nothing will ever be done… when it comes to stories or jokes they always get better but no one wants to see a DVD of better stuff they have already watched.  So now I am old enough to not try and get the monkey off my back but just feed it so it sits still for awhile.

For two months leading up to recording I start to listen to music that inspires me and keeps me focused.  I find that when i listen to music that matters it gives me energy and the drive to stay the course and do material that i want to do.  It is a careful balance sometimes to make sure you dont go to far down the rabbit whole too early in the show.

London March 23rd will be the record date for the DVD.  I have not had a lot of luck in that town to be honest.  From the assault video of the glass from 08 to my last visit where a heckler stops the show asking me about my cancer (clip coming soon) and almost halting the show.

The venue is perfect for filming with great site lines and nice big stage.

Lets just hope it goes well. In the last six months it has not been a good ride and I can feel the monkey kicking me in the neck.

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The Next Six Months

Thu, Jan 24, 2013


Lots going over the next six months.  You may have noticed my tour page is back online and loaded with dates.


I am currently trying to arrange a dvd recording in London Ontario for March as part of my rank and vile tour with Kenny Robinson.  I recently played there and it is a great venue for filming and I am hoping for a good turnout for my new hour of material that has taken shape over the last 2 years.  I still seem to be able to piss some people off with my comedy although with age I am trying to just be me and less of the so called monster.

Halifax Comedy Festival:

I am now able to confirm that I will be filming two galas for television at the Halifax festival.  April 23-27 I will be there doing various shows.  Halifax has been a good comedy town for me over the years and I look forward to doing what I do in a TV clean environment.

Winnipeg Comedy Festival:

I will also be recording live episodes of my SiriusXM show Anything Goes at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival.  I am really looking forward to this as we will be able to bring the joy and awkwardness of the studio into the live environment.  It has been two years since I was there doing the festival and there is word I will be doing some standup as well.  I will post all the dates on the page as I get them.

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